Another travel backpack claiming superior quality and a lifetime warranty?

Perhaps, that’s exactly what comes to most people’s mind when they first hear about HURU, a new travel backpack that recently got its own Kickstarter campaign. However, Oleg Vlasenko, serial entrepreneur and founder of HURU, was optimistic that his new venture had enough oomph to strike the right chord with the investors on the platform.

Vlasenko’s optimism was not misplaced, after all! It took HURU just about 36-hours to reach its objective of raising $15,000. By Sep 28, the third day since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, HURU already began drawing attention in the already cutthroat competitive niche.

Vlasenko claims that HURU’s initial success can be attributed to its versatility and premium build quality. The company touts the backpack as fit for both everyday use, as well as prolonged backpacking trips.

HURU flaunts an army-approved, water-resistant Cordura fabric, YKK zippers, and custom steel stoppers and fasteners.

In its original size, HURU’s capacity is 24-liter, which can be further expanded to 40-liters in one simple move. The product opens like a suitcase, making it easier to handle. The backpack is water resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about its content even in the heaviest of rains (as long as you remember to keep the outer compartments zipped). Not only that, HURU also has a built-in water-resistant hood that protects the owner from unexpected showers.

Need an extra bag to keep your valuables such as phone, credit cards, keys, and wallet etc? No worries, says HURU’s makers, adding that the backpack comes with a belt that transforms into a detachable waist bag.

There are also secret pockets in each strap for storing your cards, keys and other important items. Other key features include:

  • A separate compartment for your laptop
  • Separate compartments for books, tablet computers, and documents.
  • Heat insulating compartments to store drinks
  • A lateral stiffness plastic base to ensure that the weight of the bag doesn’t exert too much pressure on your spine.

HURU has already entered mass production with support from US-based Utactic, a well-known military backpack contractor.

Meanwhile, the company has announced that 60 super early birds to offer $249 each will receive the backpack with a 29% discount on the retail price, whereas the 100 early birds who gave $274 each will get a flat 21% discount. All other Kickstarter fans will be able to purchase the backpack for $299 (14% discount on retail price). The first shipment for super early birds is likely to launch sometime this November, while the general availability is likely to commence by February 2018.

HURU was co-founded by Vlasenko along with Kirill Kulik, a garment manufacturer for 20 years, and famed fashion designer Vitaly Bytchenok.

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