Why XRP Will Explode In 2023

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    So it looks like there’s some great news coming out of the Ripple camp courtesy of ZyCrypto. The CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, recently spoke at the World Economic Forum and said that he’s confident that the lawsuit with the SEC will be settled this year.

    He even went as far as to say that a final ruling might come before the end of June.

    If you’re new to crypto, you might be wondering why this is such a big deal.

    Well, the SEC sued Ripple and its founders back in 2020 for selling $1.3 billion worth of XRP, claiming that it broke US securities laws.

    But Brad and the team at Ripple have been fighting back and it looks like they’re feeling pretty confident about their chances.

    Now, if they do manage to settle this lawsuit and come out on top, it could be a huge win for the crypto industry as a whole.

    But it could also be a major boost for XRP specifically. A lot of people have been hesitant to invest in XRP because of this lawsuit hanging over their heads, but if it gets resolved, that could open the floodgates for more people to buy in.

    And with more demand for XRP, you can bet that the price is going to go up. So, if you’re already holding some XRP, this could be great news for you.

    And if you’re thinking about getting in on the action, it might be worth considering now while the price is still relatively low. Just be aware that there is always a risk involved with crypto investing, but it’s worth considering.

    DeeMoney, Ripple, And Visa

    deemoney visa

    So, it looks like DeeMoney, a partner of Ripple, has entered into a partnership with Visa to fully integrate Visa Direct into its global payment platform.

    The partnership was announced in 2022 and is expected to fully integrate in 2023.

    This means that users will now be able to make lightning-fast cross-border payments globally using Visa’s network which is present in over 170 countries and enables over 160 currencies.

    This is a big deal because Visa is a well-established and widely-used global payment solution, and by partnering with them, DeeMoney is able to offer its users a fast, secure and convenient way to make cross-border payments.

    What’s interesting to note here is that DeeMoney’s partnership with Visa builds on its earlier partnership with Ripple.

    The partnership with Ripple was meant to provide instant settlement for their customers on affordable cross-border payments in Thailand.

    So, by partnering with both Visa and Ripple, DeeMoney is able to offer its customers the best of both worlds – the convenience and reach of Visa, and the speed and affordability of Ripple.

    This is great news for Ripple and its XRP token because it shows that more and more companies are recognizing the value that Ripple can bring to the table when it comes to cross-border payments.

    And as more companies adopt Ripple and its XRP token, the more widely-used and valuable the token becomes.

    So, in short, DeeMoney’s partnership with Visa is further proof that Ripple is gaining traction and being widely adopted in the world of cross-border payments.

    How once a court settlement is made with the SEC how can XRP not explode? It hasn’t seen a new all-time last bull cycle because of this case, so it’s well overdue.


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