Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg are probably two of the most influential CEOs today. They both run large companies that shape the way a lot of us do business in the online world. But these two have been at odds with each other for some time, and I think it’s just petty if you ask my opinion.

Mr. Cook is critical of Facebook’s handling over the Cambridge Analytica scandal that rocked the platform, and eroded trust between the social media giant and its users.

When asked about what Tim would have done if Apple was in the reverse role, Tim said he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Tim Cook has also said, and I paraphrase” Privacy is a basic human right, and we won’t traffic your data for profit.”

Mark Zuckerberg has come out in protest and urged his employees to use Android phones due to its popularity.

I’m sure that went over well for the more than 25,000 people who work at the company.

Facebook published a blog post yesterday calling out the inaccuracies of the New York Times article. That article goes on to show how Facebook Concealed the truth on some pretty important stuff that you need to know about.

These Two Should Just Stop And Fix Their Business

Facebook Privacy

We all know that Facebook makes a lot of money by allowing companies to advertise on their platform. Advertisers know that a lot of critical user data is harvested which allows for better and more accurate targeting.

As a result, Facebook tracks your user data, on and off the platform, and they probably know a lot more about YOU, than you think.

There’s an exodus of users leaving Facebook over this very issue, as more people put a value on their privacy.

Apple, however, sells some of the best computing devices.

Phones, computers, software, they have an entire ecosystem that’s unmatched by any other tech company.

The iPhone X made headlines, as Apple pushed the price of a smartphone past the $1k mark, and even more so now with the latest iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Here in Canada, you can expect to pay close to $2k for the larger variant, and even more if you opt for the fast charger which isn’t included in the box.

Apple has been caught throttling their older iPhones just before the launch of a newer version.

For years people have suspected that Apple was deliberately doing this as a way to force their customers to upgrade. Not cool!

Last year the company came out with an article to discuss the issue. The article sounds reasonable, but in truth, ain’t’ nobody buying that bull s#$%t.

In reality, none of us care about Tim and Mark’s beef. Sure it might be a touch entertaining, but there are more important issues that I’d like both to focus on.

  1. User privacy

Using Facebook is a great way for people to connect, and businesses to reach their customers. But when my data is used in ways I can’t understand, then we have a problem. To the company’s credit, they’ve updated their data policy to make it a bit easier to comprehend.

Sure, revenue fixes a lot of problems, but there comes the point to where the value of your user’s privacy trumps money.

If I decide to delete my profile, please don’t save it on your servers forever. When I’m done, I want to be done.

2. Stop price gouging

Hey, I like Apple products, and I think they are well-made, and they just work. The problem is that many of us feel like we are being taken advantage of when new iPhones are released.

Paying almost $2k for a phone, that has the same features of devices costing under $1K is ridiculous. We all know the premium that’s placed on Apple products are on another level, and there is no reason for it other than “more profits.”


There are more things both companies can do to fix the user experience. Apple and Facebook are great platforms that are at the forefront of the digital revolution. Many of us want to continue to use the available products and services as a way to enhance productivity.

Interacting with Facebook groups and communities is a great experience. Long lost family members have reconnected with FB; non-profit organizations can deliver powerful messages to those in need.

iOS is a powerful solution for creative professionals and their projects. The simplicity of the ecosystem brings me back for more every time. Careful attention to detail has always been the hallmark of Apple products, and that philosophy continues today.

We as customers, want these two companies to cut-out the noise and deliver us more value. They have billions in capital and can afford to do so.