The advance in technology over the years enabled us to walk around with supercomputers in our pockets. We have more storage on a microSD card than what could be stored in a whole building in the ‘70s. The micro movement translated to other domains of tech as well. One of the things that went micro is a special class of projectors fittingly named pico projectors, which is exactly where the outstanding Nebula Capsule 2 falls in.

The Nebula Capsule 2 Is Cluster Free

Watching movies through a projector often includes a bunch of cables, noise and a computer. Then there’s the struggle to position the projector in such a way that the image ends up straight. But it never is. With the Nebula Capsule 2, that’s all a thing of the past.

nebula Capsule 2 Box
Image Credit : Nebula

Cables? Apart from the charging cable, with the Nebula Capsule 2, you don’t need any. Say goodbye to the cable headache with the help of bluetooth and Wi-Fi. PC or laptop? Nope, don’t need one, since the Capsule 2 features Android TV 9.0 at it’s portable core. But, if you want, you can still pair your device via bluetooth.

Nebula Capsule 2 Ports
Image Credit : Nebula

Making Life Easier

Regarding image adjustment, the Nebula Capsule 2 has some tricks up it’s sleeve. First up is auto focus. Saving you the hassle of adjusting focus is the on-board camera which scans the projected image and re-calibrates the lens until the image is crystal clear.

Another big drawback of other projectors is the struggle to square the image. Nebula’s sophisticated brain takes care of that using gravity sensors which measure tilt angle and orientation that are used to re-align the image so it’s square. Take note though, as the squaring works only on the vertical axis.

Nebula Capsule 2 Square
Image Credit : Nebula

Speaking of image, let’s talk about how it looks. The component in charge is the Direct Light Processor or DLP. The top of the line DLP chip is capable of outputting a 720p HD image over a 40 inch diagonal in bright conditions and 100 inches in a dim atmosphere. Responsible for the lighter side of things are 200 ANSI lumen Osram LEDs. IntelliBright technology is in use for real-time brightness adjustment, giving you a bright and colorful image in every environment.

You’ll Never Be Bored Next To The Nebula Capsule 2 

The Nebula Capsule 2 doesn’t lack sound either. The speaker system utilizes all sides of the pico projector, with the SCANSPEAK transducers living on the back and sides, while the bass outlet is on the front. Nebula claims that the Capsule 2 has 50% more space for the drivers, which should give out a powerful kick. The bluetooth connectivity also means the the Capsule 2 can serve as a bluetooth speaker.

Nebula Capsule 2 Bass
Image Credit : Nebula

With AndroidTV 9.0 running inside the stylish cylindrical body, the entertainment options are endless. YouTube and Google Play Movies come with the device, but with access to the PlayStore, you can download whatever you want. The play store also means that you can play Android games on the Capsule 2. Since you don’t have a touch screen, the Nebula team includes a bluetooth gamepad in some of their Kickstarter bundles.

If that’s not enough, the Capsule 2 includes 1080p input ports ranging from HDMI to USB-C. The ports have gaming consoles in mind, meaning you can connect Nintendo Switch, XBOX or PlayStation and enjoy your games on the big screen.

Nebula Capsule 2 Schmtc
Image Credit : Nebula

If you’re in need of information, Google Assistant is at your disposal. The Nebula Capsule 2 features a microphone that activates either through the remote, phone app or mic button on it’s body.

A Promising Start

That’s all sound impressive, but what good is it if the charge is lousy? Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either. According to Nebula, a single charge holds about 3 hours if you’re gaming or watching movies. That number jumps to 40 hours if you’re listening to music.

I would like for the movie playback time to be more than 3 hours in case of binge watch sessions. However, I can’t expect more from it’s minuscule dimensions. On paper, the Capsule 2 seems to offer a lot. I just hope that they don’t cheap out on components. Considering that the funding surpasses their goal by quite a lot, that’s not an option.