In the good old days, when manufacturers and people weren’t so focused on safety, we saw some interesting design choices. The designers were more prone to experimenting and trying new things in order to stand out and be special. Sadly, that’s not the case anymore, at least until I saw the new Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition with it’s glorious reverse entry doors.

Revisiting The Good Old Days

Reverse entry doors, popularly called suicide doors, are nothing new. They’ve been around since the ‘20s on everything from the miniature Fiat 500 to the exclusive Rolls Royce Phantom. Among the crowd was also the predecessor to the Coach Door Edition I’m writing about; the stunning Lincoln Continental from the ‘60s.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Old
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At first, the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is nothing different from any big sedan. It’s long, elegant and smooth. Just like people riding in the back seat like it. Take a closer look along the long and swooping side and you’ll instantly notice something that’ll make you scratch your head; the rear door handles. They are there for a reason and that’s those fancy reverse entry doors.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Handle
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Quoting David Woodhouse, design director at The Lincoln Motor Company: “The center-opening doors became synonymous with the Lincoln Continental, even though they were only featured primarily in the ’60s, but they struck such a chord that they’re still remembered so fondly today.” I can say that this is completely true, which is exactly why the new age Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is so, well, special.

Joint Efforts

First things first, I have to mention that the Continental isn’t just Lincoln’s work. Lincoln is responsible for the design and supplying the Black Label chassis to Cabot Coach Builders located in Massachusetts. Cabot is in charge of the reverse entry conversion and all the mods that follow the conversion. All of a sudden, the Coach Door Edition nomenclature makes more sense.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Three Quart
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Aside from the suicide doors, the body language of the limited edition executive saloon is elegant and refined. Thanks to the keen eyes of it’s designers, the extra 6 inches of length are hardly noticeable. Well, except in the interior, where the passengers in the back have more room to stretch their feet.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Nose
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The stylish frontal area of the limited run Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition features a large chrome grille, denoting the car’s high end status. The rear end is rather tame with the key point being the wide LED lights spanning across the width of the Continental. On the sides, the simplistic lines spread front to back rounding up the classy appearance of this modern land yacht.

The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Is A Modern Land Yacht

Pushing the Special Edition forward is not a V8, as you might expect. Rather, it’s an eco-friendly powerhouse. Counting six cylinders, arranged in a V configuration, the 3 liter twin-turbo powerhouse produces equal amounts of horsepower and torque; 400 hp and 400 lb-ft. Transferring power to 20” wheels, in front or all wheel drive guise, is the six speed SelectShift auto trans with accompanying paddles behind the steering wheel.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Front
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The interior is the talking point of the Coach Door Edition. Heaps of leather and all kinds of gadgets have their place in the interior. All in existence for the sole purpose of pleasure and safety.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Side Doors
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Unlike the original, the new chassis isn’t pillarless. The reason behind it is nothing but safety. If the B pillars weren’t there, the rigidity and strength of the chassis would be sacrificed. In the era of five star crash tests, that’s a big no-no, hence the inclusion of the pillars.

Swinging To 90 Degrees Of Freedom

Swing open the rear doors and your instantly greeted by a huge seating area, all covered in lush leather. The rear seating area features two individual seats with a large center console which resides between them.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Rear
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The console features various buttons and controls things like air con and audio. Besides the executive oriented rear, the rest of the interior retains all the amenities and features from the Black Label edition.

Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Rear
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Ah, the rear doors. Since they are longer, heavier and open on the front, Lincoln and Cabot came up with a brilliant plan. Instead of a work out every time you want to swing them open from the inside, all that has to be done is a button press .

As far as pricing goes, the 80 models come fully equipped with every option available on the base Black Label. That results in a $100,000+ price tag with shipments starting in summer of 2019.