Technology has changed our lives which some might argue for better or for worse. If we were to think about our lives without gadgets, it would be an uncomfortable thought to half of you. Since most of us are accustomed to wanting and getting everything “right now,” it’s hard to think of life without our gadgets.

Traveling to various destinations around the world is a pleasant experience for the most part. 

A popular tourist destination/vacation hotspot which is high on the list among the affluent is nonother than the Hamptons New York.  

Blessed with beautiful beach fronts along the eastern side of Long Island’s South Fork, and surrounded by amazing communities, luxury estates, and high-end restaurants, it’s no wonder why this destination sits high on the list of the many. 

Because of the rapid adoption in technology, mainly smartphones, it’s now easier than ever to lock in your bookings for your that next vacation rental.

The Hamptons history goes back to the mid-1600s and was founded in 1640. Records show that East Hampton Town was founded in 1648, and then later in 1797, U.S president George Washington makes Sag Harbor an integral piece of the whaling industry.

From its humbled beggings when it was founded by 12 English settlers, to this day, 378 years of rich history marks this as a must-see destination.

We are looking at land that was once occupied and taken care of for thousands of years by the Shinnecock American Indian Nation.

Those original English settlers learned how to grow the produce and cultivate the land with specific farming practices which benefits the region today. This is truly a remarkable landscape to behold.

hamptons summer home

No matter where you are in the world, escaping to this destination is just a phone swipe away.

Call an Uber cab to take you around town, and site see as much as you can at a fraction of the cost.

You can book your flight and accommodations from the palm of your hand. Surely, decades ago this was impossible and unthinkable. Maybe unthinkable except to the wealthiest 1% who own half the world’s wealth.

But that isn’t the case anymore, well sort of. You don’t have to be Bill Gates, or Oprah Winfrey to explore the Hamptons.

Southampton and East Hampton can be had from just over $2,000 for the weekend which includes you and your significant other.

Planning your trip couldn’t be much more comfortable than it is today quite frankly.

With the rise in popularity of sites such as Airbnb, traveling to new destinations becomes more accessible than ever. Airbnb gives you access to more than 80K listings in cities from 191 countries. 

Airbnb is the new alternative to expensive hotels and cheap rundown motels just swarming with lot lizards.

We Are Now More Connected Than Ever

What a perfect combination for planning that next trip, Airbnb and Uber. Say what you want about the popular ride-sharing app, its hard to deny its convenience and ease of use.

Sure there are horror stories that any simple Google Search results can turn up about both services, but that’s not stopping people from taking advantage of these platforms.

How about the time when a 14-year old boy booked an Airbnb and threw a party with 100 other teens?

Or when earlier this year, a Google employee accidentally left an unreleased Pixel 3 smartphone in an Uber cab which prompted a massive leak before the smartphone’s launch date?

The positives far outweigh the negatives, and if you are planning your next vacation, and if it allows for it, using both Airbnb and Uber in combination could end up saving you some cash, while turning up the excitement meter a notch. Just use a bit of common sense.

Let’s face it, North Americans work hard, and we are some of the most burned-out folks on the face of the Earth.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a nice relaxing weekend vacation?

Setting your troubles aside, and casting the cares of the world behind you is something you don’t get done often.

Did you know that Americans are the most overworked people in the Developed world? Some 70% of children live in homes where both parents have to work, which leaves little time for the things that matter.

It’s time to take your life back, and de-stress for a weekend, or maybe a week. There’s soo much to see and do, without it costing you a small fortune.