Global trends regarding the environment have a heavy impact on the automotive world. Strict emission rules are a challenge for manufacturers in their hunt for performance. Noticeably, turbochargers are the go-to route for many. But, as per usual, there’s always someone who thinks differently. In our case, that’s the eccentric German; Apollo Automobili. Ran by ex-Audi Sport head in charge, Apollo is certainly not your average manufacturer, clearly evident in the Apollo IE hyperbeast.

Apollo IE Camo
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The Apollo IE is something that’s been in existence as of October 2017, but it’s not yet a production spec model. A total run of 10 cars is planned, each carrying a hefty $2.7 million mark. For the base model. Since this limited run targets people with heavy pockets, it’s no wonder that you have unlimited customization options.

German Brains, Italian Heart

The special option I’m targeting at is the engine. This being a hypercar, the only logical choice for it’s soundtrack is a V12. There’s only one country in the world that’s synonymous with the glorious sound of a V12 and that’s Italy.

Apollo IE Top Rear
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That’s right, the aggressive rear of the Apollo IE houses a 6.3 liter Ferrari V12, which is a partnership with Autotecnica Motori. Breathing without the means of a turbocharger, the V12 produces a healthy power figure of 780 hp. However, that’s in standard form.

The Apollo IE Says No To Turbines

The reason I’m writing about the Apollo IE is the option to further tweak the engine to 1000 hp. In the tune up process, the Italo-German relationship remains naturally aspirated, which is an impressive feat of engineering.

Apollo IE Rear
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Apollo’s engineers will raise the already high rev limit from 9,000 to a dizzying 11,000+ rpm. Extracting 220 hp out of the same 6.3 liter engine is no easy task and involves a lot of modification, especially considering the fact that the 1000 hp version will have a compression ratio of 16.1:1 which is super high.

The Analogue Apollo IE

Obviously the name Apollo IE is not random. IE stands for Intensa Emozione or Intense Emotions. This is best said by Apollo’s General Manager, Ryan Berris : “This is not meant to be a numbers car. This car, it’s philosophy is to pay homage to the old GT1 days, to be an analogue car that’s an emotional experience to drive on every level.

Apollo IE Chassis
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I’m sure the Apollo IE will conduct an emotional roller coaster to whoever decides to buy it and actually drive it instead of making it a collectors item.