When you think about the supercar circle, you realize that it’s all about performance and exclusivity. Looking back in time, owning a supercar was a thing of dreams. A completely opposite scenario compared to their availability today. In such a world, the race to individuality has never been as intense as it is now, with small tuning companies aiming to please. One of them is German based Novitec tuning house and they just released a new package for the McLaren 720S called Novitec N-LARGO.

The word largo traces back to Latin, denoting something muscular. Give the Novitec N-LARGO just one look and the connection between the two is more than obvious.

The muscular vibe comes from extra wide hi-tech carbon-fiber hips, sporting aggressive lines. The widebody kit is designed in collaboration with a familiar name; Vittorio Strosek. During the design stage Novitec and Strosek paid special attention to the lightweight character of the car and aerodynamics, which play a key role in the aesthetics behind the N-LARGO. It’s enough to say that every shape of the Novitec kit is the result of countless hours spent in the wind tunnel.

Novitec N-LARGO Front
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

Muscular Air Mover

Starting off at the front, the aero influence is evident in the heavily vented front bumper and those large vents on the redesigned bonnet. The vents on the bonnet serve as a means to harness the pressure created by the fast flowing air that enters through the massive centrally positioned bumper opening. The addition of a carbon lip not only looks good on the edgy Novitec N-Largo, it also adds to the downforce.

Sticking to the frontal vents of the Novitec N-LARGO, you’ll notice two not so small angled openings on the sides. Those vents are there for a reason. Seeing that the base 720S has the engine in the middle, and the rear doesn’t really offer that much space, the oil coolers are in the front. And that’s where the side bumper vents come in. They help keep the oil coolers cool by allowing the hot air to exit faster than if it were whirlpooling around the wheel.

Novitec N-LARGO Front Quart
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

Moving off to the sides of the enlarged McLaren, we see more vents and sharp lines. Again, all there for a reason. The side skirts aid rear brake cooling. Positive pressure from inside the front wheel wells exits out through the vent that sits behind the wheel.

The air flow utilizes the factory curve on the door to guide the rapid air into the enormous rectangular air intake on the rear fenders. With the engine in the middle, the only way to supply plenty of cold air is by using those rectangular vents.

Novitec N-LARGO Rear Quart
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

Aesthetics Or Purpose?

After going through so much trouble with the body kit, it would be a shame for the wheels to remain stock. For that reason, the Novitec N-LARGO parades Vossen MC2 forged wheels, with center-lock look. The front units measure 20” in diameter, while the rears are 21” items. Excellent contact with the road is courtesy of Pirelli P-Zero tires in 225/30 20 and 325/25 21 sizing.

Novitec N-LARGO SIde
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

The rear had minimum design changes. The most notable one is the custom spoiler lip, which grabs more air, thus increasing rear downforce. Helping the spoiler reach suitable downforce levels is the Novitec diffuser, available as naked carbon or clad in paint. I fail to see the purpose of the roof scoop. It doesn’t connect to the bay, so it can’t feed air to the engine. The only possibility is that feeds the cabin with cold air, which I doubt is the case.

Novitec N-LARGO Rear
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

The Novitec N-LARGO Means Business 

The engine bay is where the party’s at. Three performance levels, each offering a different kind of punch, all equally impressive. Of course, we want the one that gives us the highest amount of grunt and that is the Stage 2 tune.

Comparing the base 4 liter V8 and the one in the Novitec N-LARGO, the displacement stays the same, albeit everything else goes up. Horsepower jumps to 806 hp at 6,700 rpm, while the pushing force is 647 lb-ft at 6,300 rpm. The outcome is 0-60 in 2.7 seconds with the speedo topping out at 216 mph. The combustion noise of the twin-turbo V8 exits out the Inconel exhaust manifolds. On their ends, either black or polished 3.7” stainless steel tail pipes stick out in between the rear lights.  

Novitec N-LARGO Tail
Image Credit : novitecgroup.com

Client satisfactions is key with tuning houses like Novitec. That’s why the N-LARGO is highly customizable in terms of color combinations and choices.

Exclusivity and uniqueness aside, I’m not really a fan of the Novitec N-LARGO. I find the body kit too big for the car, so the wheels look at tad on the small on it. But, sadly, that’s an illness most new cars have in order to fit everything under the shell.