The MWC 2017 expo to be held in Barcelona, is just around the corner and we have some interesting news about four VR Projects coming out of Samsung Creative Labs.

The C-Labs division at Samsung has just announced that the company will show four of its new Projects on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

The C-Labs division was created by the company in 2012, to foster and boost creative ideas across all areas of business. So here are the four VR projects which the company is expected to show at MWC 2017.


As the name suggests, this project aims at offering a remote control AR/VR solution that allows users to use their smartphone and PC without a monitor. This is implemented by using a sunglass-like pair of glasses.

Samsung Creative Labs

These glasses are made of electrochromic glass that allows you to see the content of your smartphone and PCs in virtual and augmented reality.

Monitorless still lets users play high-capacity PC games on mobile devices.


Relúmĭno is the new visual aid application that works with the Gear VR designed specifically for visually impaired and blind people. This app will offer better and higher levels of clarity for watching TV and reading books.

The technology involved helps you re-map blind spots by displaying images. It uses an Amlser grid chart to correct the distorted images that are caused by metamorphopsia.

Relúmĭno seems like a more affordable solution over the existing visual aids available in the market.


traVRer is a new 360-degree video platform that gives you a realistic virtual travel of several tourists and other locations before and after your actual travel.

With traVRer, you can visit several famous destinations and historical places by capturing realistic noises, mood and other events associated with the place.

This app also lets you walk along famous streets and move in different directions with seamless switching between videos.


VuildUs is a wonderful home decoration and furnishing solution that lets you have a pre-look at how a new piece of furniture would look in particular room or location before making the purchase.

VuildUs comprises of a 360-degree depth camera and a mobile app working with VR compatible devices.

Initially, users need to connect both the devices and scan the entire home using the camera. This recorded data could be stored in a VR version and viewed through the VR headsets. This means placing your furniture in 3D at the desired spot in your home. This removes the effort of measuring the space, as it lets you see how the furniture would look in real-time with exact dimensions. Take a look at the video.

These four VR Projects from Samsung is aimed at touching every corner of real-life applications through virtual and augmented reality.

Vice President of Samsung Electronics Creativity & Innovation Center, Lee Jae II said

“We continue to support new ideas and creativity, especially when these traits could lead to new experiences for consumers. These latest examples of C-Lab projects are a reminder that we have some talented entrepreneurial people who are unafraid to break new ground. We’re looking forward to further exploring novel applications for VR and 360-degree video because there are endless possibilities in this area.”