Israel With Palestine And The Jubilee Cycle

Israel with Palestine
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Ancient cycles have been a focal point for many analysts, in particular the conflict between Israel with Palestine. This allure is not without merit, as historical patterns often reflect in contemporary markets, shedding a mystic light on the potential future. The Israeli Jubilee Cycle, a remarkable 50-year cycle, has been at the heart of many intriguing market analyses, especially concerning the volatile crypto market. In October 2023, as Israel and Hamas lock horns in a devastating conflict, 50 years post the Yom Kippur War of 1973, crypto investors are peering through the lens of ancient cycles to navigate the turbulent crypto waters. Could the ancient Jubilee cycle help predict crypto market downturns and identify buying opportunities during crises? Let's dive into the crux of this theory.

What Is The Israeli Jubilee Cycle?

The Jubilee, known as Yovel in Hebrew, is a 50-year cycle, comprising seven cycles of seven-year Shmita (sabbatical) years. This cycle mandates a year of rest for the land, where no agricultural work is performed, and the land lies fallow. Additionally, the Jubilee year mandates the return of hereditary properties to original owners and the emancipation of all Hebrew servants, marking a year of financial and social reset​​.

It's been 50 years since the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and already, we're seeing terrible images of the recent escalation between Israel with Palestine in the latest of fresh attacks. I took a screenshot of my Bitcoin chart with an arrow pointing to part of the Gaza–Israel conflict, the war began with a militant invasion of Israel from the Gaza Strip named Operation Al-Aqsa Storm on 7 October 2023. Wikipedia

As of this writing, we are headed down to my yellow trend line which represents a daily golden pocket of $26,352, as we failed to rise above $27,968 which was resistance.

israel with palestine

The theory of economic crises, often mirrored in the stock and crypto markets, aligns with the Shmita and Jubilee cycles. For instance, some analysts highlight the correlation between Shmita years and significant financial downturns, like the global recessions of 1930-31, 1979-80, and 2007-08. During these periods, the stock market experienced significant losses, and Bitcoin witnessed an 80% drop in the Shmita cycle of 2021-22​​, which represents this current crypto bear market.

Israel With Palestine: Crypto Market Predictions

The relationship between these ancient cycles and crypto markets is a fascinating blend of history, finance, and technology. While the Shemitah cycle isn't the sole predictor, as other cycles like moon phases also exhibit correlations with Bitcoin prices, the historical resonance of the Jubilee and Shmitah cycles with financial markets piques crypto investors' interest​.

Utilizing these cycles for crypto market predictions hinges on understanding the broader financial ecosystem and the geopolitical landscape. As Israel and Hamas clash mirrors a 50-year cycle since the Yom Kippur war, the echoes of the past reverberate through the crypto market, offering a unique lens for analyzing market trends and identifying potential buying opportunities amidst crises.


The intertwining of ancient Israeli cycles and modern financial markets unveils a realm of speculative yet captivating market analysis. As the world bears witness to the unfolding conflict and its ripple effects on the global stage, the crypto market dances to the ancient rhythmic beats of the Jubilee and Shmitah cycles. The quest for unraveling market mysteries continues as investors venture into the depths of historical cycles, seeking to decipher the cryptic codes of crypto market behavior.

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