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We are an online tech blog which covers the latest news in  the industry, while giving honest and opinionated insights.

Established in 2013, TechMalak Inc., started as technology news blog which is located in Ontario Canada, founded by Matthew Barnes a lover of cars and cool tech.  We cover nearly all things tech and love reviewing products developed by the brightest startup companies. As you can tell, we also love profiling the most extreme hypercars from premium brands. 

We want to help our readers to stay informed about current events, and new technologies that are available on the market today by providing the most relevant and updated information needed. TechMalak is often featured in Google News and can also be found on the Apple News app.

We are passionate about cars and technology and are always looking for ways to make our website more comprehensive and user-friendly to everyone. We urge you to find more about us by visiting our website.

We hope you enjoy our site and come back often

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He is the founder and creator of TechMalak. Matt loves all things tech and also enjoys learning about emerging consumer and automotive technologies

Matt Barnes  //  Founder

Passionate for food, health & science mixed with innovative technology. Mom of 4 and a die hard DIY'R

Sierra Schaffer  //  Editor

Engineering student in progress with a knack for cars, bikes and tech. In my free time I'm an amateur photographer that believes film is not dead and an occasional 2D/3D artist turning my ideas into virtual reality.

Filip Malbasa  //  Writer

Kate Harveston is a freelance writer from Pennsylvania. She mainly writes about legal issues and the political realm, but her work has covered a wide range of topics. If you like her writing, you can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog,