What Is Edelcoin?

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As I was digging through potential new projects I came across Edelcoin, a unique digital asset fully backed by a combination of precious and base metals. It claims offer some intriguing features that can potentially be both appealing and advantageous to us crypto investors. Let's take a simple and neutral overview of the project, to see what Edelcoin can do.

Edelcoin is a cryptocurrency issued in Switzerland, based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 Token. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Edelcoin has a stable backing of metals, which in theory should make it less volatile than the rest of the market. This backing is structured to offer an inflation-resistant store of value, detached from conventional fiat currencies and monetary policies.

How Is Edelcoin Backed?

Edelcoin is overcollateralized with pre-existing metals, including a basket of precious and base metals. Each coin is backed by metals corresponding to 125% of its value. This reserve of metals is stored specifically for Edelcoin, with regular independent verification and disclosure. This backing of the token is similar to the way a stablecoin can be backed or pegged 1:1 to a currency such as the U.S dollar, as in the case with PayPal.

Edelcoin's Unique Value Proposition

1. Inflation Hedge

  • Edelcoin's backing by real-world assets offers protection against inflation.
  • It's an attractive option for those looking to preserve their wealth against the devaluation of fiat currencies.

2. Store of Value

  • With a stable backing of various metals, Edelcoin provides a secure and stable store of value.
  • It minimizes volatility compared to other financial instruments.

3. Portfolio Diversification

  • It can be used as an investment tool to diversify a portfolio.
  • Edelcoin can help reduce overall market risks and volatility.

The Team Behind Edelcoin

Andreas Wiebe, the CEO, is a seasoned IT entrepreneur with a strong background in AI and semantic data processing. Along with his experienced team, he aims to drive Edelcoin's technological advancement and compliance with industry standards.

Edelcoin's Vision

Edelcoin strives to utilize the "Wealth of the Earth" sustainably, leveraging blockchain's potential. By connecting traditional finance with new technologies, this project seeks to enhance market security and restore trust in a broken world. While Edelcoin offers several unique features and benefits, like any investment, it's essential to understand the potential drawbacks. Here's a look at some areas where you might have concerns:

1. Dependency On Metal Prices

  • Edelcoin's value is tied to the prices of precious and base metals.
  • If these metal prices fluctuate significantly, it could affect the stability of Edelcoin.

2. Regulatory Uncertainty

  • As a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency, Edelcoin may face legal and regulatory challenges.
  • Regulatory environments for cryptocurrencies can change rapidly, leading to unforeseen complications, as we've seen in the United States where the SEC is trying to go after regulatory complaint companies.

3. Centralization of Assets

  • The metals backing Edelcoin are stored in specific locations.
  • This centralization might lead to potential risks, such as theft or mismanagement.

4. Lack of Adoption and Liquidity

  • As a newer cryptocurrency, Edelcoin might face challenges in gaining widespread adoption.
  • Limited adoption can lead to reduced liquidity, making buying and selling more difficult.

5. Third-Party Verification Risks

  • Regular independent verification of the metal reserves is essential for Edelcoin's credibility.
  • Reliance on third-party verification could lead to potential conflicts of interest or inconsistencies in verification.

6. Limited Diversification

  • Though Edelcoin offers portfolio diversification, it's still tied to a specific asset class (metals).
  • It may not offer the same diversification benefits as investing across various unrelated asset classes.

7. Technology And Security Concerns

  • While Edelcoin plans to extend to other EVM-compatible chains, technological challenges might arise.
  • Security risks are inherent in the cryptocurrency space, and any breaches could impact investors' trust.

8. Potential Market Competition

  • The space for asset-backed cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly competitive. Edelcoin might face challenges in differentiating itself. Edelcoin and PAX Gold are both asset-backed cryptocurrencies with a focus on precious metals, but they represent different approaches to this concept.
  • While Edelcoin is backed by a basket of precious and base metals, offering a more diversified and overcollateralized structure, PAX Gold is specifically tied to physical gold. Each PAXG token corresponds to one fine troy ounce of gold, providing direct ownership and redemption options for physical gold. This direct link to gold may appeal to traditional gold investors, creating competition for Edelcoin. Furthermore, PAX Gold's established presence and regulatory compliance may enhance its attractiveness to investors seeking stability and transparency in asset-backed cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Edelcoin faces competition from PAX Gold in attracting investors interested in precious metal-backed digital assets.


While Edelcoin provides a unique proposition in the crypto space, potential investors must be aware of these potential cons. This project presents a unique approach to cryptocurrency, combining the stability of real-world assets with the flexibility and innovation of digital currencies. By offering an inflation hedge, stable store of value, and opportunity for portfolio diversification, it may appeal to investors looking for a different kind of investment in the crypto space.

Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes

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