Last year, we wrote an article about Z-Wave Labs’ Internet of Things initiative for clever and innovative startups. You can read more about it here. Today, over a year since the competition started, Z-Wave Labs has announced the final winner of the IoT (Internet of Things) competition. The Dutch IoT startup named FlexSol Solutions has won the event with their plug-and-play lighting solution named NxT. As winners, they’re entitled to a full Z-Wave Alliance membership as well as access to new Z-Wave IoT-ready 500 series development kits.

What is the NxT?

The NxT Outdoor Lighting Solution

The NxT is a bollard-style solar powered outdoor lamp which consists of integrated cylindrical solar panels. The lamp gathers the energy from the sun and stores it in a high-capacity battery which allows for RGBW LED lights to be powered effortlessly throughout the night. The NxT is a full plug-and-play solution, requiring no cords or cables to power it. Because it’s compact, you can place it pretty much everywhere and set it to emit any color of the rainbow. The best part about it though, is that it can be remotely operated.

The NxT can be easily operated via an app, giving the owners full control over their outdoor lighting solution. You can even it set it to automatically adapt to sunrise and sunset if you don’t want to manually control it each time. The lighting intensity, color and custom scenes can all be controlled via the same app. It’s so clever you can connect it to your security system and customize it so that the lights turn on if an intruder enters your property.

Z-Wave and Future Plans

The potential of the NxT is virtually endless. When used in combination with other Z-Wave devices, the NxT can improve home safety, comfort, and it’s even entertaining. FlexSol Solutions is the latest company to win the two-year long startup program, but it won’t be the last. Z-Wave Alliance plans to launch a new startup initiative in the fall of 2017.

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