One of the greatest challenges we face today is trying to stay healthy while eating a balanced diet. In our hyper-connected world which moves so rapidly, finding the time to eat properly can be a challenge.

Meet Millo, the smart smoothie maker, which seeks to change the way we think about blending our fruits and veggies.

Millo, is a new product on KickStarter which goes beyond your traditional blender by using modern technology in a sleek, minimal design to adapt to your lifestyle.

One of the biggest annoyances that come with regular blenders is the amount of noise they make while in use and the clean up afterward.

Many products on KickStarter can be hard to judge the moment they become live, as very few if anyone at all, gets to test the prototype. Sadly, some are just knock-offs or gimmicks and are a waste of time and money.

But in talking to Millo’s founder Adam Trakselis very briefly through email, I got the sense of a man on a mission. His inspiration for this smart smoother blender was born out of frustration with the current offerings on the market.

Noisy and hard to wash blenders apparently took their toll on Adam’s mind, so he decided to invent something better.

Adam and his team found a way to make healthy meals in just a couple of minutes without being noisy and hard to clean. Millo uses an Air Drive system which takes advantage of magnets to run the rotating blades, which spin at 16,000 rpm.

It uses an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller and connects to your device via Bluetooth.

Millo Smart Smoothie Maker

As a result, there are no motors, just simple, clean energy driven by a brushless electric motor that makes for a quiet operation.

And if the promo video is anything to go by, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more quiet blender.

Heck, I think Millo would give the Vitamix S50 Personal Blender a run for its money with its ease of use, portability, integration with your phone, and not to mention its ultra modern design.

Similar to what we see in activity trackers, the Millo mobile app promises to track and store the data about what smoothies you make. An important feature for any health conscious person looking to gain valuable nutritional insights about their eating habits.

In watching the promotional video, one of the features that speak out to me is the Smart Touch Control. There aren’t any knobs or buttons to fiddle with, but instead what looks like an intuitive gesture interface to activate this smart smoothie maker, which helps to keep it very portable.

In my opinion, this is one of those KickStarter projects to watch. The first 500 pledges will get 3 Amazon bestsellers on making great smoothies. Look at the video below to see it in action and hit up Millo’s crowdfunding campaign to find out more.