Facial recognition technology isn’t anything that most of us are not aware of. Facebook has used this feature for a while when identifying users in grouped photos. Just look at any picture and hover near the faces, and you’ll see names displayed inside of a square box.

Facebook announced last year that they would be implementing more steps in combating fake accounts on the social media platform by expanding their face recognition technology.

They would do so by scanning every uploaded picture by using their facial recognition feature.

If you are a user on the site, and someone posts a photo with you in it, you’ll be alerted about the update, whether you are tagged or not.

I think it is a useful feature, and it is a step in the right direction to help combat against those users with malicious intent.

Facebook Facial Recognition

Trolling, impersonations, and fraud are among the many reasons why you would want this technology in place.

It’s also a benefit for the visually impaired, by providing texts about those who are in a photo.

But there will be a handful of people who may want to turn off those notifications and the ability for Facebook to scan and recognize you in photos and videos.

At the end of 2017, the social media giant said they would be expanding the feature and the ability to turn on and off the settings.

You may have not yet seen the notification in your feeds, but you soon will as the company rolls out the function.

For those that want to turn off Face recognition, just go to SETTINGS> FACE RECOGNITION>YES/NO

Identifying someone from an image or video is a common practice in security situations.

The iPhone X has its suite of technological enhancements to facilitate the feature, and Android smartphones long could scan a users eyes.

Facial recognition systems are becoming popular as it has uses in a variety of applications across a broad spectrum.