When most of us think of wealthy first-world countries some of us don’t often associate poverty with countries like Canada. Considered a country with a lot of resources and solid infrastructure, many would be surprised at the amount of poor people living here. But yes, there is poverty in Canada among all ages. Stats Canada reports that there 14.9 percent of Canadians are low-income earners, making less than the average household income. According to UNICEF survey 13.3 percent of Canadian children are affected by poverty. With the cost of living being so high in major cities, Canadians are struggling to meet ends. With the surge in fuel prices, the cost of doing business in Canada gets more expensive year by year. Poverty affects us all, and has negative results on our economy and health care system. Spreading awareness of the issue is just one small step in fighting poverty in Canada

Poverty In Canada
infographic by TVO.org