It might sound a bit weird to hear that a mobile airbag exists as a form of protection for your device. But that is precisely what we have in this the latest creation from Philip Frenzel who is a German engineering student.

More than just a simple protective case for your smartphone, this product goes beyond the conventional offerings by making use of a unique design.

When attached to your mobile device while in freefall, this little case protector will deploy these metal-like airbags that prevent any damages from occurring to your expensive equipment.

According to the article from Design Boom, the protective case features sensors that can detect motion, such as a sudden drop which then activates those metal springs before your device hits the ground. From there, the springs can be reinserted for next time.

It’s an ingenious invention and one that will need a bit of refinement regarding the area of premium looks.

Buyers will undoubtedly appreciate a product of this caliber that is neither too expensive, and bulky.

Current case protectors work great depending on which manufacturer you choose. Spending an extra $20-$50 to prevent your $1,000 plus smartphone from ruin is a nominal sum.

The problem with most protectors is how they hide the look of a premium smartphone.

Manufacturers are going to great lengths in designing the best-looking devices to satisfy our appetite for looks.

So it’s a shame how we have to hide all of that with a bulky case which can feel uncomfortable at times.

This mobile airbag has the potential to change all of that depending on the final design language the creator makes use of, for the final application.

Expected to launch on Kickstarter in the next short little while as a crowdfunding project, hopefully, some extra capital can help the creator bring this product to market safely. The last thing I’d want to see is a sensor malfunction which enables premature deployment of those springs while inside someone’s pocket.

Still, it’s a unique angle on protection, and it’s great to see someone thinking outside of the box a bit.