In an attempt break into the Internet of Things (IoT) Amazon has come up with a product it hopes will simplify the lives of its customers around the world.

The Amazon Dash Button isn’t your typical “button”, but rather a wireless dongle similar to a thumb drive that connects to your Wi-Fi.

Amazon Dash products are from Companies such as Tide, Johnson & Johnson and others that will allow customers to order their products by the push of a button.

Amazon Dash Button Products

Place the Amazon Dash Button for Tide’s detergent on your washer, and once your laundry soap nears empty you just push the Dash Button to instantly order more through Amazon Prime.

The Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a hook giving you the option to put it where you need it the most.

You will get a notification about the order on your phone, where you can cancel within 30 min or go ahead with the purchase.

You can only make one order at a time to prevent accidental orders.

Amazon Dash Button Razor Blade

If you order a pack of razor blades for example, you can’t order that same item again until its delivered to your residence.

Customers will get Amazon’s Dash Button with clear branding of the company whose products they use.

Having the ability to order products with a push of the button is appealing to many, but what about the long-term effects?

As we become more connected to the world through the Internet, we increasingly are becoming less social.

Smartphones are just another example of this, with many of us going to bed with them, walking on the road staring at the screen or just using them at the dinner table.

No longer does someone have to go to the store for items, they now can stay at home for days on end without ever needing to step outside to make purchases.

This is changing the way we shop for groceries and other things with Amazon’s services.

On the other side, Amazon’s Dash Button can be a big positive for  those who have limited time on their hands.

With a push of a button, ordering everyday house hold items can save a few extra trip to the grocery store leaving more time for more important things.

Even for those who may be disabled by some means can bypass the hassle of going out of the home for everyday items with the Amazon Dash Button.

Amazon has certainly been pushing the bar higher for innovation with its many services, such as the much-anticipated Amazon Prime Air, Amazon Prime Now and other products.

To sign up for your free Amazon Dash invitation which is only exclusive for Prime members