One way to stay on top of emerging tech trends is to follow what’s going on in the industry carefully. Technology is a fast-paced and sometimes volatile sector that can keep even the most seasoned investor up at night. From tech unicorns dominating the IPO landscape to well-established companies going under, there’s always something going on in tech that’s newsworthy.

Whether you are a seasoned tech company or a promising upstart, there’s no denying the positive impact tech conferences can have on your brand.

Take a look at Apple’s WWDC 2019, which showcased a list of things to come, TVOS, Apple Arcade, WatchOS 6, and let’s not forget the $5,999 Mac Pro.

The products, as mentioned earlier, are just a short list of things to come from the tech giant.

While your brand may not be as big as Apple, which hosts its annual conferences, you can still take advantage of local events.

Tech Events

A group of MWC workers walk outside the 2019 Mobile World Congress venue few days before its opening in Barcelona on February 23 February, 2019. (Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP) (Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images)

If you are in the GTA (Toronto) here is a short list of conferences that might be of interest:

  • Canada Sports Analytics & Technology Conference 2019 in Toronto: 06-21-19
  • Toronto Cybersecurity Conference: 10-17-19
  • Cyber Tech & Risk – People in Cyber Conference 2019: 10-19-19
  • 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference: 08-12-19

These are just a tiny portion of the many events coming up in the area.

There are tons of tech conferences all over the world that you can take advantage of by signing up to their respective marketplaces.

The next Mobile World Congress is set for 02-24-20 to 02-27-20 in Barcelona.

Anyone who follows tech knows that MWC is the place to be, as it’s the largest mobile event in the world.

Cool Tech Swag

Some of you reading this are developers and brand owners who might have MWC 2020 on your list of events to attend.

One way to help broaden your reach and to bring awareness to your products and services is by giving away some swag.

You don’t have to contract a factory to mass produce expensive items to give away.

And you certainly don’t have to invent a product from scratch for promotional purposes.

T-Shirts, USB drives, Bags, drinkware, and stationery items all make up some cool swag that’s hard to pass up for potential customers, and these items can be created for you very quickly.


The single most crucial aspect of any swag is your branding.

Branding is big business, and if you don’t believe me, check out the major players.

Walmart, Nike, Disney, Samsung, LG, and many others, spend large sums on branding alone.

A brand’s image is it’s a single most valuable asset, and if you are a tech company, it should be for you as well.

Now, even the most bootstrapped company can create great designs via the Internet at a reasonable cost.

Logos can be printed on custom decals,  magnets, badges, patches, and various high-tech promotional products.

Promotional swag when done right, as the ability to increase your brand exposure and heighten perception.


You might not own a business, or have aspirations to create a startup.

But as consumers, we sure do love our products.

Tech conferences are a unique way for companies to showcase what they have in the works, whether in a beta form, or a near-finished product.

It’s like a display extravaganza of things to come.

And if you are like me, you love cool gadgets and promotional items.

I suggest the next time that you are at an invent, pay close attention to the products these companies are giving out.

See what sort of cool tech swag companies are giving out to the audience.

Typically, these sorts of products are an effective way to endear you to a brand.

If you are a CEO or marketing expert, please pay attention to the products that you give out to your audience.

Think of how to add a bit of humanity and personalization to your swag.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to endear your potential customers to your brand.

Take Apple, for example, in every iPhone and Mac; you’ll always find those iconic Apple stickers that everyone goes nuts over.

People aren’t going crazy over a sticker per se, but they love the stickers because of what they represent.

They represent creativity, prestige, opulence, and a bit of nostalgia.

Remember, the best brands in the world find creative ways to attract, engage, and influence their customers through cool swag.

If you have a brand or are starting one, it’s time to think about doing the same.