The world’s oceans are one of the most important natural resources we have, and without them, the Earth wouldn’t function properly and people would be negatively affected.

The ocean is and still remains the largest life support system we have and according to MarineBio, it is responsible for 50-80% of all life on our planet, leaving roughly 10% of it explored by scientists and researchers.

When a horrific tragedy such as an oil spill occurs, the short and long-term consequences are substantial to all affected marine life.

The ocean oil spill birds
In a photo released by Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, a bird covered in fuel oil from the spill sits on the beach near Mallipo, South Korea.

Because of the chemical make-up of oil, it quickly becomes a poison to organisms. In many cases, we see birds with oil-soaked feathers unable to fly, fish desperately trying to breathe when plastered with oil, devastating an entire ecosystem.

The ocean also very important to people as well. Not only does it contain more than 97% of the world’s water supply, commerce is heavily reliant on the ocean.

We depend on the ocean to give us food and medicine also. Seafood which can be found in grocery stores and restaurants all over the world rely heavily on fishermen to work the seas and bring in product.

Kelp and seaweed are widely known to have anti-cancer properties which are effective in fighting certain cancer cells in people, and ocean plants produce half of the Earth’s oxygen.

You can visit your local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of essential omega 3 fish oils, all thanks to the ocean.

Without a healthy ocean our planet would have a difficult time heating itself. The sea is responsible for absorbing much of the sun’s radiation, while helping to distribute heat around the globe.

There are much more benefits that we receive from the world’s largest water source that could be listed here making this article into a novel.

The Ocean

The main point is to bring about a kind of global awareness to the importance of maintaining our ocean water, and the negative effects climate change has on all life.

We are responsible not only for taking care of each other, but the environment as well.

Companies large and small who rely on the world’s oceans to conduct business, must do their part in protecting our most important natural resource so that it can in-turn take care of us for all future generations.

With the world’s aquifers quickly depleting at alarming levels, the time is now for us to make a change to save our planet before it’s too late and becomes unable to sustain life.