The best brands in the world are enjoying incredible financial success. They attract, engage, and influence their fanbase in a positive way, that keeps them coming back for more. Experiential marketing is the new king on the block, and more brands should make use of this marketing method on a constant basis.

While experiential marketing isn’t really something new, it might be a new thing for those unfamiliar with the term. You will hear terms thrown around such as event marketing, live marketing, and participation marketing; these are one and the same.

It’s a high-value, high-impact experience that attendees will never forget, with participating brands placed at the center of attention.

This form of marketing has been around for more than a decade, and its highly effective nature typically turns a positive ROI for companies large and small.

Experiential marketing involves interacting with your sight, touch, sound, and sometimes taste for an immersive unforgettable experience.

We often recal important events when certain smells, sights, or sounds activate that emotional state of rememerance.

Afterall, we usually tend to justify pricey purcahses based on emotion, rarely do we ever buy out of logic and the best brands on earth know this.

By tapping into the basics of human emotion, more companies are enjoying the positive results of a vibrant community of loyal brand advocates.

Here are a few companies that are taking experiential marketing to the next level.


BMW M Festival 2019

BMW M festival showcased at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville Ontario for the first time this past July 13 and 14.

One of the most iconic automotive brands dazzled new and current BMW fans with a two-day extravaganza worthy of any social media newsfeed.

Enthusiasts experienced the thrill and excitement of top-end BMW vehicles in various on and off-road events.

Live music, and food, for the entire family, made this event a success to behold.

What better way for a brand to entice new customers than to showcase their products and services in a live, all-day event?

What companies can learn

Make your event fun and theme-focused. Showoff the highlights of your products without being monotonous. Hence, that’s why live music, food, and personalities are a great addition

Market research what your audience loves to listen to, through surveys, and then tailor a live concert according to the data you collect.


StickerYou retail

Ordering custom die-cut stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, and temporary tattoos just got taken to the next level.

StickerYou is the first in its industry to pioneer a brand new brick and mortar store to services its growing customer base.

Launched in beautiful Toronto Canada, StickerYou is taking experiential marketing up a couple of notches.

The interior of the store is decorated nicely with stickerbombed walls, an experience center where customers can touch and feel stickers, kiosks where they can customize their orders, a sticker museum, and sticker-related arts events that are scheduled throughout the year.

What companies can learn

Don’t be afraid to set outside of the box. Don’t underestimate the power of artistic expression.

Let your creative spirit shine through your creations. When possible, showcase your products and service as the centerpiece in a non-traditional way.

Luminosity Gaming

A force to be reckoned with, Luminosity Gaming held a successful event marketing gaming experience at the Bud Light Dreams Festival on June 29 and 30 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

Lights, camera, action, and music kept fans engaged for hours in a two-day event where Luminosity Gaming setup their custom gaming kiosks.

eSports continues to climb in popularity around the world with no slowdown in sight.

There’s someone in your family or circle of friends who are obsessed with gaming.

Luminosity Gaming showcased their products alongside an educational awareness campaign to a full list of music-focused attendees.

What companies can learn

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Create an experience that can educate and engage people who pass by.

As a new company, building an experience through a product doesn’t have to be complicated.

Some simple swag for sale and a pop kiosk can do wonders for a person’s mindset.


Experiential marketing done right grabs the right attention. This strategy should help your customers through the buying process by broadcasting the benefits. As we mentioned earlier, experiential marketing involves the senses. The human memory is triggered by smells, sounds, sights, and tastes. When your brand can hit on all of the above notes in a positive way, the results can truly be unlimited.




Matthew Barnes
Loves all things tech. He's a musician, writer, and founder of Techmalak.