The launch of the iPhone 11 is just around the corner, and we have been bombarded with numerous rumors and leaks of the new phone. In this article, we will cover everything that we know about the iPhone 11 so far.

If you had been waiting for a long time to get a new iPhone with a design overhaul, let me break a piece of bad news for you. The changes on the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone XS/XS Max will be minimal. Apple has decided to stick with the same design for one more iteration of their phone. From the front, the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 will look identical. It is from the back that the two phones will differ.

The significant change in the new iPhone 11 will undoubtedly be its camera. Apple will not only add more cameras to the phone but also use a new camera sensor altogether. We wouldn’t be surprised if the new iPhone(s) will have one of the best cameras on any smartphone in 2019.

Apple iPhone 11 Rumors at a glance

  • Three sizes: 5.8-inch iPhone 11, 6.1-inch iPhone 11R and 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Max
  • An OLED display on all the three iPhones
  • Triple Rear Camera on iPhone 11 and 11 Max, Dual Rear camera on iPhone 11R
  • Upgraded TrueDepth Camera with faster recognition
  • Faster and more efficient A13 chip
  • Removal of 3D Force Touch
  • Use of Lightning Port (No USB-C port)
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Apple Pencil support (not confirmed)

What’s Changing On The iPhone 11?

The new camera system, the faster processor, reverse wireless charging, and speedier face unlock are the significant features that we are looking forward to on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will be getting three rear cameras. In addition to the standard wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens, these phones will be getting an ultra-wide-angle lens.

While the resolution of the ultra-wide-angle camera isn’t confirmed, we expect it to be a 16MP sensor like the one on the Galaxy S10. The iPhone 11R will be getting the new ultra-wide-angle lens too. Like last year, don’t expect to see a telephoto lens on the new ‘budget’ iPhone.

Earlier, we had received rumors suggesting that 3D depth sensing sensor would make its way into the new iPhone, but it looks like Apple has decided to implement this technology on the 2020 iPhones.

The new A13 SoC from TSMC will be powering the 2019 iPhones. You can expect better CPU performance, significantly improved graphics performance and improved efficiency from the new A13 SoC. The new chipset should have the same or better thermal efficiency as the A12 Bionic. The new SoC will be made on 7nm+ package with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max will pack 4GB of RAM onboard while the iPhone 11 R will have just 3GB of RAM. All the 2019 iPhones will have 64GB of internal storage on their base variant. The top-of-the-line iPhone 11 Max is rumored to have 1TB of flash storage.

The not-so-welcome change on the new iPhone will be the omission of the 3D Touch. This feature has been around since the launch of the iPhone 6s, and this is one of the few features that has been exclusive to iPhones. Sadly, Apple will be getting rid of this because it not only added to the cost of manufacturing of the iPhone but also added thickness to the display panel.

What’s Not Changing On The iPhone 11?

iPhone-11-Max-front-leakedThe design of all the iPhone 11 models will be identical to that of the iPhone XS, at least from the front. There were rumors that the new iPhones will have a smaller notch but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks otherwise.

The speaker placement will be the same too. With the iPhone XS, Apple was able to tune the speakers to produce more vibrant and more bass-heavy output. Since the chassis and the overall design of the new iPhones aren’t going to change, we are doubtful that the speakers are going to be any better.

The display on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max will be the same as that on the iPhone XS and the XS Max. The 11R, on the other hand, maybe getting an OLED panel like on its more expensive siblings. The resolution will be the same at 1792 x 828p.

The battery size of the new iPhone 11 will be similar to that of its predecessor. While Apple may find space to squeeze in a bigger cell for better battery life, it might not be noticeable to the end-user. And disappointingly enough, the new iPhones will ship with a 5W charger. So, no super-fast charging on the iPhone this year either.

iPhone 11 Pricing And Availability

If Apple sticks with its regular launch cycle, we can expect to see the new iPhones in September of 2019. Apple has been launching new iPhones in September for a very long time, and we are pretty confident that the company will follow suit this time as well.

The prices for the new iPhones won’t be all that different from the 2018 models. If rumors turn out to be accurate, the iPhone 11R will start at $749, iPhone 11 will begin at $999 and the iPhone 11 Max will go for $1,099 for the base variant.