Have you ever wondered how the companies sitting at the top got there? A lot of fast-growing companies have seemingly popped out of thin air, expanding and scaling in just a couple of years. Although some of them employ different technologies and services, most of them have a lot of things in common. A recent study conducted by Red Stag Fulfillment aimed to find out what technologies the most popular fast-growing companies use to expand. Out of the 1,100 eCommerce businesses analyzed for this study the results are as follows.

Advertising Platform

The two main advertising platforms fast-growing companies use are Facebook and Google. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since they’re two of the biggest social platforms to date. Another alternative is DoubleClick by Google. It allows individual customer behavior tracking and serves ads based on that data. In today’s world, marketing is everything. If you don’t place your product out there, no one else will.

eCommerce Apps

A shopping cart functionality is a must for any self-proclaimed eCommerce website, but the majority of fast-growing companies use Shopify and Magento. Woo Commerce is extremely popular too, thanks to its generous customization options.

Image Credit: redstagfulfillment.com – eCommerce Apps used by fast-growing companies

Payment Platforms

Simplifying the payment process is essential if you want to have a successful eCommerce website. The customer doesn’t like to wait or have to go through three different menus just to pay for his online purchase. Securing the financial transaction is just as important though, which is why most large companies like Apple and Amazon choose to mainly use PayPal. MasterCard and Visa come second, followed by American Express and Discover.

Image Credit: redstagfulfillment.com
Image Credit: redstagfulfillment.com

Shipping Providers

A shipping provider which is quick and always consistent is one of the main prerequisites of offering a great eCommerce website. USPS is established as one of the most reliable shipping providers out there, so it’s no wonder 37% of fast-growing companies choose to use it. UPS is second, followed by the once crowd-favorite FEDEX.


When it comes to analytic tools, Google Analytics sits at the top with an unprecedented 59.5% of the companies using it. It’s precise, easy to use and extremely powerful. Other alternatives such as Rapleaf and Hubspot sit way below with just 5 and 3 percent respectively.


Most of the big companies use only a handful of these services and platforms, which as a result improves those same services and platforms. Expanding a company is no easy task by any means, but with some knowledge, it can be achieved. There are many marketing sites that can help you grow your company effectively with pure, organic content. it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, as content creation takes time and careful planning.

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