What Is Soda PDF? Your PDF Solution

The Soda PDF gives you the power to handle any kind of PDF tasks. You can create PDFs from more than 300 file formats. It also enables you to convert, edit the contents, annotate files, and send and track e-signatures for your business. The following are more features you can use on your files with the sodapdf.com software:

Enables Create PDF Files

Sodapdf.com enables you to create PDF files from word, PowerPoint, Excel and from various wordprocessing software. Also, it helps you generate PDF files from the print menu from any application. You can also retrieve PDFs from images or from a scanner.

Unlimited Use Of Sodapdf.com E-sign

You can quickly and easily prepare and send documents for e-signatures. It enables you to track the status of sent e-signs and documents immediately. In addition, it helps you create templates and layouts for future use.


With sodapdf.com, you can convert scanned images and documents into PDFs using the I.R.I.S OCR technology. You can also transform or edit your documents or files without retyping. Also, OCR helps to automatically identify text even within the images. It can also recognize text within many files.

Insert Page Elements

Users can insert elements such as page numbers and links in various documents. Also, you can insert a watermark in the background of your document, you can also customize your document by adding headers and footers. It enables you to insert images, such as clip, crop and adjust image resolution. In addition, you can use Bates numbering system for identifying and indexing legal documents.

Secure And Sign Documents

It is possible for you to sign and approve documents with legally binding digital certificates. In addition, sodapdf.com allows you to permanently black out confidential information using a redaction feature. Additionally, you can set and regulate access permission levels and secure your PDF files using 256-bit AES passwords. You can also create and track an e-signature and remove a signature from a document to allow for editing.

Edit Files

You can move, add or edit your text in a PDF file. Soda pdf allows you to adjust the font type, size, and style. You can use measurement tools such as a ruler or a grid. It also enables you to split your PDF docs into multiple files. In addition, you can move, delete, extract, or reorder files.

Review Files

Sodapdf.com allows you to insert sticker notes, comments, and stamps. You can also mark your documents using highlight, use strikethrough features and underline text. Additionally, you can use the pencil features to scribble on the file. With soda pdf you can erase a text in your document using white-out features.

Convert PDF Files

The sodapdf.com allows you to transform different files. You can change PDF files to word and RTF documents, PDF to Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, image and PDF/A. You can also use it for Batch convert.

You can use all these features of sodapdf.com on any of your browser enabled device. You can use it anywhere you are as long you are connected. Now, you can make your files and PDF documents perfect with these features. Join the movements and get yourself sodapdf.com online.