Music plays a significant role in our digital world, so finding a reliable and trustworthy source of beats is a must.

Knowing what a struggle this can be, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created a small but excellent pool of sources that’ll satisfy all your musical cravings.

Sit back, prepare your ears, and explore our five great websites where you can download music. 

AirBit-Indie Beat Warehouse

Offering indie beats, AirBit is one of the best places you can either buy or download music for free. From a buyer’s standpoint, it’s a gold mine of resources for type-beats.

AirBit User Page Showcasing Songs
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The type part means that you can choose a beat that resembles popular artists like Drake, Mac Miller, or Migos. As for the genre, AirBit features mostly trap, hip hop, rap, and similar sounds, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy that genre of music. 

Once you pick a genre or type of beat, you can browse the extensive library and listen to the whole piece before actually buying it. One thing I don’t like is the slightly annoying AirBit copyright voiceover present on every beat, but I understand it’s a necessary element to help prevent theft. 

BeatStars-One Size Fits All 

Another popular choice for both buying and selling music is BeatStars. Following the same principles as AirBitBeatStars is a place indie producers upload their work and make them available as a free download, paid beat, or both.  

BeatStars Web and Phone User Interface
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The genre choice is more versatile compared to the previous service. There’s hip hop, reggae, rock, r&b, to name a few. Unlike AirBit, there’s no copyright voiceover, unless the producers include it. 

We’ve recently joined BeatStars under the BeatMalak name, and are producing instrumentals for creators such as artists, filmmakers, YouTubers, and actors.

SoundCloud-Download Music or Stream

This one is very near and dear to me, as I was a user for quite some time. The main difference is that SoundCloud is mainly an artist discovery website. Think of it as Instagram for music producers. Quite a few mainstream artists have their roots on this platform.  

SoundCloud Phone App Can Download or Stream Music
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SoundCloud sort of combines everything in one. You can listen to music and add songs to playlists, just like on Spotify or Deezer. Along with covers of popular songs and original songs, there are lots of original beats that you can buy or download music in every genre you can imagine.  

Google Music-Download Music Until You Drop

This is the first of the two services that offer actual mainstream songs that you can listen to and enjoy everywhere. Naturally, there is a free and a paid account. As it’s become customary, the paid account offers all the goodies, including the option to download music.

Google Play Music App Logo Can Download or Stream Music
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Google Music comes bundled with every Android device on the market with a legit Android license.

It can also serve as a music player for the songs you have on your phone.

It’s also available on the web and as an app for PC.  

iTunes-The Abandoned One

This one is similar to Google Music; only it’s available for the Apple family of devices to download music.

There is a Windows version available, as well.

The key difference compared to all of the above, is the possibility to buy almost anything audio and video related.  

iTunes 12 Web and Phone App User Interface
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Another major difference is that iTunes seizes to exist as of macOS Catalina, after which it’s split up into three separate apps; Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.  

The Verdict 

As you can see, these five great websites where you can download music will keep you covered no matter the scenario. The internet is a place for everything and anyone; you need to know where to look.