Watching this YouTube video of these plants exploding is both fascinating and a little funny at the same time because of the enhanced audio effects.

We see squirting cucumbers, touch me nots and violets exploding with the slightest vibrations in slow motion.

The squirting cucumber will explode when ripe and as seen here in the video, and is a native to Europe, Northern Africa and in certain parts of Asia.

And similar to the squirting cucumber, the touch me nots will also explode with the slightest vibration dispersing their seeds as far as possible.

By exploding, these plants are releasing their seeds into the air to be blown so that the next generation of plants can begin.

Courtesy of the Smithsonian YouTube channel, users can get an up close and personal view inside the world of plants, with a bit of audio editing.

Exploding Plants Cucumber

Many of us have gardens and choose to grow some of these plants and may not even be aware of their exploding nature.

Just take a look at the video below and see how these exploding plants react to the slightest vibrations.