Already far surpassing the $400k mark on Kickstarter, the Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse continues to be wildly popular among pc enthusiasts. With the promise of a unique computing experience, the creators of this pc peripheral are conducting a live streaming event today at 12:00 pm EST to showcase their latest creation.

If any of you have backed this project, now is your time to get a look at what Lexip can do, and an idea of what to expect.

The team behind it all will also be there to answer any of your questions during the presentation.

It’s an approach more crowdfunding campaigns should take after because it is an excellent way to ease any potential worries of those backing a project.

We all know crowdfunding can be risky at times, as there are no guarantees that a particular product exists.

When it comes down to it, we are just hoping what we see online is real. We’ve all heard about horror stories of orders not being fulfilled or those that never make it into production.

When it comes to comfort, control, and reliability, a gaming mouse far exceeds your everyday mice found at Wal-mart and other retailers.

Manufacturers take into account the many aspects of the human hand when designing their products, and Lexip is no exception.

They have integrated two joysticks into one unified experience. We commend them for this innovative approach to an all-in-one solution.

Lexip 3D Gaming Mouse

It’s a game-changer that will not only benefit gamers but designers, graphic artists, students and anyone else that requires more than the essential functions of a mouse.

Lexip already has a growing list of compatible games for this 3D mouse, from FPS to simulators.

And the ability to customize options through the included software is another bonus that sweetens the deal.

The majority of computer mice on the market are made explicitly for right-handed users.

Being a left-handed person myself who uses a right-handed mouse for everything, the fact that Lexip is making another version for such users is exciting.

To watch the live stream, just head on over to the campaign page on Kickstarter and wait for the broadcast to start.