With tripled lab space for Velocity Science, a new program called Velocity Start is launching at The University of Waterloo for entrepreneurship startups.

Velocity’s startup programs are expanding their on-campus programs.  Velocity Science is a partnership between the faculty of Science and Velocity.

An entrepreneurship for startups where scientists mentor Waterloo students creating startups in the life and physical sciences.  The on-campus lab will expand to more than 2,600 square feet.

Planning to open in February, the new state of the art Science complex will move into a 7,00 square foot home in the Science Complex.

Velocity’s Doors Open to Velocity Start this week

A 6,000 square foot space at University of Waterloo will begin programs for those who want to learn about entrepreneurship and develop skills, networks, and mentors to grow a business.

Welcoming people from any background, regardless of their interests in entrepreneurship, who simply just want a great place to work.

The Campus Hall, located on the second floor is home to Velocity.  Offering 3D printers, hand tools, startup coaching, weekly workshops and panel discussions in addition to their 650 square foot lounge and workspace.

Velocity’s expansion will place them into the Lang Tannery Space, the former building where Google was housed since 2005.

“This expansion of Velocity Science is indicative of the tremendous success and growth it has experienced in the three years since its inception,” said Feridun Hamdullahpur, President and Vice Chancellor of Waterloo. “The University of Waterloo is the academic engine of a remarkable innovation cluster and an anchor in Canada’s emerging innovation corridor that stretches from Waterloo to Toronto.  Expanding programs like Velocity will help us unlock the talent at Waterloo to further enhance the innovation process and generate additional economic impact across Ontario.”

Velocity Science Startups Have Already Been recognized Internationally

Medella Health: co-founder Harry Gandhu was awarded the prestigious $100,000 Thiel Fellowship, established by PayPal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

Vitameter: received investment from pharmaceutical company Bayer last fall and travelled to Berlin; Germany to take part in Bayers new Grants4Apps incubator.

Vitameter was also in the news today as Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister stopped by University of Waterloo and spoke with Bobby Green and his partners.  They pitched their idea to Trudeau, and walked him through a quick demonstration on how their health device worked.

More than 20 startups have emerged from Velocity’s expanding Science labs, and nine of those have won more than $200,000 from Velocity’s own venture fund pitch companies.

“Velocity start is the entry point for any student who wants to explore entrepreneurship,”  said Mike Kirkup, Director of Velocity. “We want to equip prospective entrepreneurs with the mentorship, tools, and collaborative environment needed to develop their ideas, to inspire and support the next wave of world-class startups out of Waterloo.”