Üllo, has developed a strong and simple solution for wine purification with technology that will remove sulfites from wine, restoring it back to its natural, preservative-free state.

The Chicago-based start-up Üllo, uses a food grade polymer filter developed by James Kornacki, which they claim strips the wine of added preservatives but retains the original flavor that the wine-maker intended, allowing other compounds found in wine to be unaffected by the process.

According to DigitalJournal, Kornacki teamed up with MINIMAL, who is a Chicago design and brand firm, to both design the product and amplify Üllo’s launch.

Using the filter, according to Kornacki, reduces sulfites to a level of less than 10 parts-per-million which are inline with levels that naturally occur in wine. His product also was designed to purify and aerate wine as it’s being poured.

High levels of sulfites are generally responsible for that harsh taste found in some wines, which can be a turn-off for some people.

Üllo believes that wine is best enjoyed the way the winemaker intended, without the added sulfites used as a preservative. An estimated three million Americans are sensitive to sulfites resulting in allergies or respiratory problems. Üllo purifies any wine, restoring it to its natural state.

While sulfites that are found in wine do not exceed the legal limit for consumption, reducing their levels can drastically improve the taste of the wine.

They are beneficial in preventing bacterial grown, allowing the wine not to spoil while in storage but aren’t needed after it has been poured out.

Ullio Wine Purifier

You can support the project through its kickstarter campaign for as low as $50USD which gives you 1 Üllo wine purifier and 5 base sulfites filter, which begins shipping February 2016 to everywhere in the world.