For all your night-hawks, you can now rejoice, Twitter has a new night mode for Android, and it’s wonderful.

With very few apps that actually have this feature, Twitters night mode is now one of them with their latest version of its Android app.

9to5Google said the night mode is still in A/B testing in the alpha version of its app, swapping out the white with a dark blue color. There is no manual mode, yet, for now it seems to switch automatically back to the white version in the morning.

night mode
Twitter night mode, shown int he dark blue color.


Users can download the alpha mode and start to enjoy the new features.  A commenter reported that if the alpha version doesn’t show the new features try clearing your cache.

Usually discreet with A/B testing, Twitter has yet to announce the Material redesign of its Twitter Android app that a few users are now seeing.

It may be a while before we see these features on the stable version, hopefully it wont be too long and we will see some more added controls before then as well.