For a long time, technology trends took over sectors other than the construction industry. However, 2019 is an exciting year as more and more construction companies seem to have finally woken up from their analog slumber and are slowly yet steadily embracing digital technology.

While this was a much-needed change, those in the construction businesses must stay on top of the trends if they are to gain a competitive edge. One of the key trends in 2019 is the adoption of construction project management software

This article explores some of the trends related to this software that you should expect and keep up with if you want to remain competitive in 2020. 


The Movement To Cloud And Mobile Apps


Construction crews and field projects cannot be completed from an office desktop. In that light, one of the biggest trends shaping construction software is the movement to the cloud. Also, a majority of software now comes with mobile apps. Thanks to these two innovations, construction crews can now access the software from anywhere and at any time. 

This scenario goes a long way in enhancing efficiency and timely project delivery. Note, other than increasing efficiency, cloud computing also catalyzes most of the trends shaping construction project management software. 


Bridging The Gap Between Field And Business Operations


The construction industry has, for a long time, struggled with productivity. According to a McKinsey survey, the levels of productivity have only increased by 1% since 1999. This rate is incredibly low, considering that about 21% of the world’s spending is in construction. 

This productivity rut is partly associated with the fact that most construction companies lack a digitized workflow that connects construction and business operations. Contractors seem to have realized this, and now most companies are looking for software that connects the field and the back office. 

Therefore, you should adopt a software solution that allows you to combine these two essential areas of your business as soon as possible. 


Analytics In Construction Software Solutions

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Data is the critical driver of business success in this highly digitalized world. Businesses everywhere are continuously amassing it to make more informed decisions about their operations as well as their future. Most construction project management software comes with an analytics feature. This feature allows project managers to determine the allocation of resources and labor accurately. So, the integration of analytics software is one of the key trends you should expect in the coming year.

Risk And Safety Management

Slip and fall injuries are frequent incidents in the construction industry. Unfortunately, they tend to impact not only the injured staff negatively, but the rest of your crew, and even worse, might make you enter a lawsuit. 

However, the good news is that risk and safety management is one of the key trends that’s going to shape construction software in 2020. 

In 2019, we saw drones connected to the software survey construction sites to allow site managers to check on every crew member. So you can expect that the risk and safety management trend will come back even stronger in 2020. 

It’s paramount that construction firms utilize the latest technologies to stay current within the industry.