Introducing The TM-G10 RFID Blocking Card | TechMalak


RFID/NFC Blocking Card

Real-Time Protection

Protect Your Identity

Protect Your Credit Cards

1 Card To Protect Your Entire Wallet

Easy to use, and simple to setup. Just place the TM-G10 inside of our wallet, purse, and passport holder for real-time protection.

Low Profile

It’s not much thicker than your standard credit/debit cards. With its low profile and sleek design, you’ll barely notice the TM G-10

Safeguard Your identity

Protect your personal information from digital pickpocket attempts and from any unauthorized credit/debit card scans. According to the FTC, credit card fraud  is the most common form of identity theft.

TM G10 Pick Pocket
The TM-G10
Our best protection against electronic pickpocketing

Experience The Benefits

You’ll barely notice it’s even there


Defend Your Privacy Safeguard your money from unauthorized debit/credit card scans. E-Field technology delivers real-time protection against cyber pick-pocket attempts by jamming intrusive RFID and NFC signals.

Passport Protection

Secure Your Passport: Go beyond conventional by adding an extra layer of protection against identity theft for your passport. Since 2003 more than 400 million passports around the world utilize microchip technology which tracks your photo and personal information.

Long lasting

Fits Any Size Wallet: Small footprint and easy to use. No setup necessary, and no need for batteries TechMalak Protect will last up to 10 years. By incorporating a passive defense system, you don’t ever have to worry about charging or dealing with annoying cables.

Protection You Can Count On

Add an extra layer of defence against hacking attempts

30-Day Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it within 30 days, hassle-free. When you buy from us, you are backed by our 1-Year Limited Warranty: If any defects are found within the components and/or materials within the 1 year warranty period, TechMalak will replace the defective item at no cost to you.