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TM-320 PRO

Meet the mouse pad designed for professionals

Delivering you a smooth, consistent, and more durable surface


Inspired by the art of comfort, the TM-320 PRO delivers you a robust ergonomic gaming experience unlike no other mouse pad before it, with its premium crafted materials, designed to enhance your mouse control.


With a thickness of 5 mm, the soft cloth materials of the TM-320 Pro is designed for maximum comfort and performance.


To help prevent wear and tear, durable stitched edges will enhance the longevity of this mouse pad during the most intensive gaming sessions.


Providing an extra layer of protection against liquids, the TM-320 Pro has you covered with its water-resistant construction.

Anti-Skid Base

A premium base made with natural rubber secures the TM 320 Pro firmly in place while in use.

Engineered For Precision Mouse Control

We have crafted a unique blend of quality materials designed to give you the best in comfort and control for work or play. Its soft textured body exemplifies the concepts of strength and conformity for a truly satisfying computing experience

Customer Reviews

What others are saying.

Was exactly as described and better! Makes my job a breeze and no more cramped up fingers ! Highly recommend A+
Terri Condy
Amazon Customer
Quality mouse pad , worth getting . no drag or lag while playing my game . Excellent mouse control and it's large size is perfect because there's lots of surface area . replaces my very thin steel series one . I going to recommend it to my gamer friends.
Nick Schaffer
Amazon Customer
Definitely a great buy
The Fleets
Amazon Customer

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Everything you need for all-day performance.


Dimensions: 320mm x 270mm x 5mm

A large, comfortable surface that ensures you never run out of room, for those long swipes. 

Compatibility: Optical & Laser Mice

Regardless of your preference- whether you prefer optical or laser mice- the TM-320 Pro has you covered.

Material: Cloth

An anti-skid rubber base made from natural rubber for maximum grip, paired with a smooth cloth surface.

30 Day money back guarantee

If the TM-320 Pro is not a great fit for you, simply return it for a no hassle money back guarantee.