Medical experts from Israel have developed a wearable device that will aid expectant mothers by monitoring the health of their fetuses.

The product is called the PregSense monitor and is the work of the Nuvo Group which is led by Oren Oz.

Most people using wearable devices track their health and fitness levels throughout the day.

These activity trackers measure the amount of steps taken among other data to help the wearer reach a goal.

Fetal monitoring Tool

With the help of a Bluetooth device which is attached to the straps of the fetal monitoring tool , PregSense can record and send vital information to a smartphone app which will give doctors the all the important data they need.

While giving a demonstration, Oren Oz stated:

Now you can see both you and the baby, the heart and all the data. What you are going to get in the app eventually is visualization that can tell you where the hand is, you’re going to see if the baby is awake, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat anytime you want and obviously everything about you as the mom, the activity, if you are relaxed, how you sleep, your activity, your heart activity, everything about your pregnancy will be put into data

That information is then stored in the cloud in a database where the doctor and the mother of the baby will have access to.

This makes it easier for mothers who are in their last trimester who often times have to visit their health care provider 1 to 2 times per week to monitor the fetal heart rate, growth and any possible complications.

The mother can also keep track of the current state of her baby, giving some reassurance that everything is ok.

According to the developers of the device, Passive sensors are used instead of ultrasound.

Doctors can free up more time without the need to see the patient in-person, but instead get updates via the cloud.

Click the video below to watch the product on YouTube.