The statistics, in regards to rape and violence against women paint a disturbing picture: one in five women have had to endure rape, or being a victim of attempted rape while simply going for a walk, a morning run, or just being outside has sadly been enough to trigger an assault of violence against women.

Now a piece of jewelry so small has been created to stop violence against women, and other threats while helping to keep women safe.

Stop Violence Against Women


Meet Athena, the next generation of women’s safety


“Athena” is the brainchild of some inventors who are now crowdfunding to take their invention to the market.


ROAR for Good has designed Athena, a pendant-style device that can be activated anytime your loved ones may be in trouble. By holding down on Athena’s button for three seconds, a sound like a fire alarm goes off. While also, a text message is sent to family and friends alerting them of a potentially dangerous situation as well as the location of the signal.

If you’re attacked, you press the button of your “Athena” and it sounds an alarm that’s “louder than a freight train” while, at the same time, transmitting an SOS signal:

prevent rape and violence against women


The inventors say the device is empowering without having to carry a weapon:

“Women should not need to alter their lifestyle, modify their behavior, or carry self-defense devices to protect themselves. Our goal is to help create a society where that is a reality.”

The creators at ROAR for Good built Athena with specific goals in mind, in getting you the help you need at the most critical times. They discovered while working with law enforcement officials, that unanticipated loud noises can serve as effective deterrents in certain circumstances. With great confidence, they believe they can raise the current volume of Athena, which is now louder than a disposal truck.

They have also created SilentROAR, for those situations where the wearer would not want the attacker to know the device has been triggered. SilentROAR is a feature where alert messages can be sent without the loudness of the alarm being activated

prevent rape and violence against women


There is even a mobile app

prevent rape and violence against women


Once the mobile app has been downloaded, users are prompted to set up an account and add their emergency contacts.

The application turns on automatically as soon as the wearer presses the button on Athena prompting activation. Your contacts do not all need to be installed – they will receive text messages with your site.

The unfortunate truth is that many of us know someone who has been a victim of some sort of violence and having a device like this can potentially save a life.