Alec Jones, 14, seems to be unusually light-years ahead of his peers because last week this B.C school boy created a homework bot which helps students in remembering to do their assignments.

While many students his age are probably more concerned about the latest console game, Alec is using his natural talent in developing solutions to enhance productivity.

After struggling to remember to do some of his homework and forgetting his books at school, he decided to take matters to the next level.

So I made Christopher Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that keeps track of your homework. I was tired of trying to remember to write down my homework or enter it in a task app, so I wanted someone to keep track of it all for me.

Jones didn’t have the know how to create a standalone smartphone app, so he went ahead and researched automated software programs that could send reminders about assignments.

Through his knowledge of developing websites, Alec created the Christopher Bot, which sends users text messages near the end of each class with reminders. To take advantage of this software, you’ll have to subscribe and put your schedule on the platform so that it keeps track of what is due.

When you have an assigned homework project due, the bot makes sure you remember through texts, and it will even reply with messages like “that sucks more than a vacuum.”

Christopher is gaining in popularity since a user from Thailand discovered this creation and shared it with their friends. With over 11,000 likes and at least 3,900 subscribers, this is truly a remarkable feat for this brilliant teen as it is gaining popularity overseas.

The app was released last month which was found on Product Hunt’s platform. While Alec continues to improve Christopher Bot, I’m sure we will see him in the near future with bigger and better creations, potentially changing the game.