Toronto-based company AXIS, has taken DIY projects to another level with AXIS Gear, the motorized windows shades with smart home technology.

An excellent solution for the millennial who doesn’t have the time to sit and fiddle with complicated instructions when installing window shades in a home or an apartment.

AXIS, the company which is in Toronto, Canada, seeks to improve and simplify the lives of the DIY crowd, by developing more products based on smart home technology that can be easily used by everyone.

Already AXIS, has surpassed its funding campaign of $100,000 USD with 260 backers as of this writing.

Trung Pham, CEO and founder of AXIS:

Our goal is to simplify our customers’ lives by offering an innovative, affordable and easy-to-install product

The AXIS Gear, is a brilliant device which looks both sleek and elegant in form and function.


It’s compatible with all beaded chains and cord loops regardless of the manufacturer, further making its integration within the home a breeze.

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How It Works

Smart Home Technology AXIS Gear

Tech-savvy consumers will find installing and using this home automation device a breeze.

The AXIS Gear controls window shades through the device itself. All the user needs to do to get started is:

  1. Install the provided mounting bracket on the window frame
  2. Attach the beaded chain or cord loop from your window treatment onto GEAR
  3. Snap Gear onto the mounting bracket.

With a smartphone, the user can control when their window shades open and close at specific times throughout the day via the smartphone app or on the device.

With built-in solar power technology, the Gear has sensors that will lift the shades in morning to lowering them when it becomes very hot outside helping to save energy when running the air conditioner with the use of its “intelligent scheduling”.

Units will be available in the latter part of 2016, with pricing around $195 USD. AXIS, says the Gear “will also integrate with leading smart home systems and other connected devices”.