Canadian startup tech company Smartiphy, is taking home automation to new levels with their unique technology that can distinguish who you are in your own home along with your vital signs through its Wireless Activity Recognition Technology.

It’s indoor activity recognition software uses your home’s Wi-Fi to detect the “ambient information” of the home owner so that it always knows where a person is always.

According to the company, the home automation systems they use has technology that can find a person by their ambiance which is as unique as your fingerprint.

Using your home’s Wi-Fi access points, these wireless signals spread throughout the home bouncing of the furniture, walls and people creating an intertwined structured network, or a “sensing mesh”. Once a person passes through this mesh, they create a disruption, and these signatures can be measured and analyzed giving a digital footprint of the events occurring.

The software used can learn what a person does within their home, thus gaining a better understanding of the activities, patterns and behavior.

This technology gives new meaning to the smarthome. Smarthome automation systems can remote control the lighting, audio/video systems, surveillance, irrigation systems and more often times from a smartphone.

If your house has the ability to learn who you are and your regular patterns, this technology from Smartiphy certainly has many real possibilities yet unforseen and may be a benefit in an emergency if the homeowner has injured themselves becoming unresponsive.

I’m reminded about the Jetsons TV series, where the future had incredible possibilities with automation abounding plenty at the touch of a button.

We’ve seen companies like Amazon introduce their Dash Button, allowing you order household items quickly with connected technology, HP with HP Instant Ink, which is a service I use, that orders ink for your printer before it runs out.

Home Automation Technology Trends

Judging by this image above on Smartiphy’s blog, Business Insider Intelligence forecasts a growth in connected home technology for shipments to reach 1.8 billion units in 2019.

More companies will take advantage of this rising trend brining innovative products to the consumer and home market.

Smartphones, smartcars and smarthomes are working together to bring the future of technology within a persons grasps with little effort. Smartiphy looks to place itself as a pioneer with their unique approach to home automation.