In an entirely new subcategory sector of the IoT, Pixie Technology announces the commercial availability of its Location of Things (LoT), Pixie Point. This tracking device is the first to make use of Augmented Reality Navigation, Signaling Technology, and Location Engine.

Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO, and co-founder of Pixie Technology:
With Pixie Points and our LoT platforms, we take the guesswork out of tracking an objectby showing people where an item is hiding through walls and down to inches. We will soon be in a world where everything around us can be given a digital identity, and Pixie looks forward to delivering a future where lost and misplaced items area thing of the past
And after a strong and healthy year with the company’s beta program, now they are ready to bring this product to market, thanks to a large $18.5 million investment round announced in the summer of 2016.
Many of us lead busy and hectic lifestyles. Kids, school, work and play are some of the things that we enjoy or have to do.
In this fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon for us to forget or misplace our belongings. From our car keys to our mobile devices, at some point, we can all say we have been guilty of losing our valuables. Sometimes we end up finding what we thought was lost or worse, not at all.
Finally, Pixie Technology is bringing the Location of Things to the forefront with Pixie. By pairing this LoT device with your iOS compatible mobile, finding your lost items potentially just got a lot easier.
Pixie makes use of signaling technology based on GPS principles for location tracking. Mix that with a touch of Augmented Reality to accurately find physical items within 30-50 feet indoors and up to 150 outdoors.

Pixie Location Tracker Specs

  • Size: 47mm x 35mm x 3.4mm
  • Range: Up to 150 feet outdoors. Typical indoor performance 30-50 feet
  • Three radio protocols including: Bluetooth Low Energy allowing base Pixie Points to communicate with smart devices, Proprietary Pixie signaling protocols that allow each Pixie Point to communicate with any other using the 2.4GHs ISM frequency band, Distance sensors utilizing UWB PHY in the 4GHz range, implementing two-way Time of Flight (ToF) measurement for high accuracy indoor ranging
  • Distance measurement accuracy: Within 1 foot
  • Lifetime: non-replaceable battery provides over 12 months in typical usage
  • Water and dust resistant to IP67 standards
  • Device support: Connects to dedicated Pixie App, an Intuitive, multi-media user interface. It runs on IOS 9 and up and supports iPhone 7 & 7+ , iPhone 6s & 6s+, SE & 5S
  • Unique augmented reality interface that features Pixie Dust that magically swarms to show where an item is in the room. It is like Pokémon Go for your keys!
Each Pixie point can be attached to an object for tracking by using the adhesive strips. Whether it’s your car keys, wallet, smartphone, TV remote dog tag, laptop etc, you’ll always have exact location data via the mobile app. Also, you can give your things names and their own assigned emoji or photo.
If you are looking for your items, there are three steps available to the user for recovery if they are close by.
  • Map It (A digital map is created of your surroundings, pinpointing your valuable in relation to you)
  • Show It (Using Augmented Reality and Pixie Dust to locate an item)
  • Grab It (With visual and audio cues, you’ll be guided within 5Ft of what you’re looking for)

The technology works well for locating your lost objects and brings a fun-factor to the entire experience. Pixie Technology spent three years in developing this entirely new technology architecture, which also includes 10 patents. 

Whether you’ve lost your items behind the couch, in the couch or outside, Pixie delivers a reliable solution for keeping track of your things. To get more information, simply head over to the website.

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