Withings recently announced their Steel HR activity tracker which includes a suite of useful features, designed to keep users engaged with their overall health.

Premium fitness gadget maker, Withings, which was bought out by Nokia continues to focus its expertise in connected health technology in making useful wearable devices.

And with more cash now available to the company, they are on a major mission to produce the world’s best health and fitness products.

This new wearable is more than just a simple smartwatch with useless features which serve little more than just to pass your time with aimlessly.

Withings’ Steel HR is an exciting wearable device with high-tech features that easily sits at the top of the pack among its competitors.

The Steel HR is optimized for giving you detailed and accurate heart rate monitoring stats to aid you in your fitness routines.

Withings Steel HR

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, users can view the most important health and data information in an easy to use and understand format.

On the side of the Steel HR, is a built-in multifunction button which allows you to cycle through the various options. You can view fitness tracking stats, set alarms, view calories burned along with a number of daily steps taken and more.

Using the same multifunction button during a workout session, users have the option to activate a continuous heart rate mode. This allows for real-time measurements during exercising, giving you a detailed look at, on your workout performance and history.

Through photoplethysmography(PPG) technology, a comprehensive snapshot of your overall health and fitness performance is measured. The device does this by monitoring your heart rate with green LED lights that detect the level of blood in your wrist. A fantastic feature the can potentially help you improve upon your health goals by giving you valuable insights into your routine.

The free Withings Health Mate mobile app connects with the steel HR quickly, allowing you to track your meals, daily timeline achievements while displaying useful personalized information according to your profile.

If you have owned some of the earlier activity trackers, manually setting the device to track your sleep or specific workout activities can get annoying. Withings takes all of those frustrations out of the equation by simplifying the entire process.

The Steel HR features automatic activity tracking, which many of you will love.

Through a suite of sensors, the HR can determine a variety of speeds and movements from sleeping, walking and running, automatically tracking your progress.

This device can also tell if you’ve just jumped into the water for a swim or retiring for the night to sleep. You can also receive notifications for calls, emails, SMS and event reminders on the HR sent by your smartphone.

It’s best-in-class battery life means that it can go up to 25 days on a single charge using full power. After about 25 days worth of use, the Steel HR goes into power saving mode, giving you up to 20 more days of battery life.

Cédric Hutchings, VP of Digital Health, Nokia Technologies:

With the wealth of insights it provides and the extended battery life for a health watch of its type, Steel HR truly is the first of its kind

The Steel HR also comes with a sleek and elegant analog watch face design. Two sizes are available, 36mm case with an 18mm strap in black and white. Also, a 40mm case with 20mm strap only in black.

Available in October exclusively through www.withings.com, you can pick up both versions of the Steel HR starting at $179.95 USD for the 36mm variant and $199.95 for the 40mm band. Sometime after October, both versions will be available at retail locations.