Mobile app developers and manufacturers are swarming into the health market. While everyone is trying to make the next latest and greatest, these companies usually end up creating products that have so-so performance and offer nothing unique (I’m looking at you smartwatches). Thankfully, the MOCAheart heart monitor is not one of those products. MOCA has developed a product that is elegant, simple to use with a great companion app.

MOCAheart Monitor – Design

MOCAheart heart monitor

The first thing anyone will notice about the MOCAheart monitor is how small it is. This is in no way a bad thing. This home heart monitor is meant to be carried with you to the gym and elsewhere, so the compact design does make sense. It fits comfortably in the palm, and it is actually just big enough find if you happen to lose it.

The monitor itself is made of plastic. The white backing is smooth and it hides fingerprints well (though they are still visible in the right light). The front of the device has a stainless steel finish. It looks nice, but it is more prone to fingerprints. I also feel like it is more prone to scratching, but thankfully I haven’t done that yet.

Despite being made of plastic, the build quality of this device is really premium feeling. Everything is smooth and flush, and the micro USB port is in an excellent spot. Putting it on the sides would have been awkward.

Heart Monitor App

The device is also simple to use with the MOCAheart app. The device connects to your phone’s Bluetooth, and you are free to scan once you have successfully connected it. Once you are ready to scan, simply click the small power button on the device, place your thumbs on either side of it, and wait for the scan to complete. Each measurement takes about 10-15 seconds.

MOCAheart App


After the scan, the app will give you your results, which consist of your heart rate and blood oxygen level. It also has a simple scale designed my MOCA to rate your levels. This is great for easily assessing a key part of your health.

The trend section of the app is also easy to follow. Users can see the results for all portions of their measurements in a simple to read day-to-day chart. Use the monitor long enough, and you can see the weekly and monthly trends as well.

The only thing I found to be, well, pointless about the app was the messenger. I cannot think of a single scenario where I use it to contact friends and family (even if they were also using the monitor). To me it just feels tacked on to what is otherwise a great app.

The Verdict

The MOCAheart monitor is better than any smart watch out there (at least in health aspects). Not only does it accurately read your heart rate, but also your blood oxygen levels. The trend charts are great for seeing your day-to-day progress. My only major gripe is the messenger feature. At this point is mainly a novelty feature and unless you have a group of friends using this device you probably won’t use it.

But, if you are looking to improve your heart health, you’ll need the MOCAheart heart monitor with you. You can viisit the website to learn more.

Here’s a short video showing how this device came into being.






Ease Of Use
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