Life is a combination of mixed experiences both positive and negative. Nothing is worse than losing your keys, credit cards and valuables. Founded by the company IPPINKA , the MKC Wallet seeks to solve these issues.

To help you quickly organize your life, the MKC Wallet features a minimal design with a swivel attachment in the corner.

This attachment is just big enough to hold your keys, beer opener, a USB thumb drive and anything else you tend to put your chain. There’s also a small pouch just big enough to hold a few credit/debit cards and anything else after their likeness.

If you are like me, then you hate putting your thick wallet in your back pocket while you’re driving.

Most times I tend to slide my wallet into my side pocket to avoid the discomfort. I just hate how it looks when I stand up, and it can be uncomfortable while I’m sitting.

And of course, if you find yourself in cities where crime is a problem, the last thing you need is to advertise where your wallet is.

According to the company, they are using quality full-grain leather which will be handmade in the US.

mkc wallet

One of the challenges the company potentially might come up against is that bottom-line when selling outside of the US to Canada. As both the Canadian and American dollar can go up or down in value frequently with a few weeks, keeping costs down for MKC Wallet may turn out to be a delicate balancing act for the Toronto-based design team.

But life is full of challenges, and learning how to release your full potential through struggles is a skill which leads to the path of success.


The team at IPPINKA plan to push their product to the masses with their crowdfunding campaign.

To bring their project to the production stage, IPPINKA needs to raise a modest goal of $10,000 CAD through KICKSTARTER.

This is the same team behind the successfully funded Lift campaign, which presented a straightforward and unique way to hang things in the home.

For $67 CAD or roughly $49 USD, backers can take advantage of the Early Bird pricing, which comes to a savings of 30% off the retail pricing. This gets you the wallet with the flap but does not include the bottle opener or 16GB USB 3.0 drive.