You may have heard it gazillion times already that virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree videos are about to change the way we consume content online. On a personal note, I think the much-prophesized revolutionary changes that these technologies are expected to bring along are not exaggerations. They are bound to happen at some point – the only bone of contention is when?

Well, judging by the rapid transformation of the technology that powers VR and 360-degree videos in the past couple of years, I would say that a breakthrough point is not so far, after all. For the uninitiated, I am referring to high-quality cameras capable of producing clearer and life-like images; because, without them, nothing about VR will be exactly – well – revolutionary!

Anyway, this growing demand for high-quality cameras has prompted a Chinese technology firm Detu to launch a new 8K VR Panoramic Camera.

Dubbed the Detu F4 Plus, this sleek, high-performance camera is tailored to cater to professional photographers and VR content creators.

Detu f4 plus

The F4 Plus can shoot 360-degree images and videos with 8K resolution. That’s 7680 x 3840-pixel (30fps). Powered by an Ambarella A12S75 chip and Sony IMX117 sensor, the camera deploys sophisticated 200-degree fisheye lenses with as many as eight layers to minimize glare and distortion.

The camera stitches the images from each individual lens to produce a perfect 360-degree view using a homegrown software called DetuStitch.

The company said in a statement during the launch announcement:

The optical flow algorithm is suitable for dynamic stitching of images in case of image motion, and fast stitching means that 4K video generated and stitched by the NVIDIA GTX 970 high-performance graphics card can reach an impressive 20fps (frames per second)

The Detu F4 Plus is especially useful for live streaming because of its ability to connect to your PC or MAC using superfast Ethernet connectivity. Similarly, wireless live streaming is also possible owing to its 2.4G and 5G dual frequency Wi-Fi. You can use this camera to directly live stream to YouTube, Facebook, and other 360-degree-enabled platforms.

As for the build quality, the F4 Plus flaunts copper and aluminum that, according to the company, helps dissipate heat better than any other camera in its league.

The company press release reads.

This, along with its air duct and cooling system significantly enhances the battery life and equipment stabilization


The F4 Plus packs a 4800 mAh lithium-ion removable battery under the hood. That’s enough juice for you to uninterruptedly shoot for 120 minutes. Apart from that, it also brings you a charging base that can be used to charge two batteries simultaneously – a useful feat that many professional photographers and VR content creators will appreciate for sure.

Priced at an RRP of $2599, the camera is expected to launch soon on Amazon.