Unmanned aerial vehicles have become increasingly popular, and we are seeing more of them in the news everyday. There are some who can’t stand to have their privacy invaded by these drones, and now there is a new type of ammunition for those looking to take aim in the name of self-defense.

These shotgun shelled are specifically designed and marketed to shoot down drones without mercy at a moments notice. The name given to this ammunition is dubbed “Dronemunition”, and is being sold by Snake River Shooting Products, a Idaho-based ammunition manufacturer.

According to the report from RT, these large rounds are :

The shells are 3-inches long and are full of #2 steel shot — about .15 inches in diameter

There are mixed feeling about drones, as they can be used to spy upon people unsuspectingly by someone from a distance who has no regard for other people’s privacy.

Drone Ammunition

The design on the packaging above is perfect for those who are just looking to shoot these flying machines down, with their “Prepare for The Drone Apocalypse” slogan.

But the folks at dronemunition.com don’t despise UAVs, in fact they mention that they are “responsible drone owners” themselves, who recognize that the greatest threat to their hobby are those who use these flying machines in a reckless way posing a threat to public privacy.

Not only are these shells suitable for taking out UAVs, they are fit to hunt small game such as waterfowl and turkeys, according to their website.

Before anyone goes out to purchase these shotgun shells, it’s best to understand the laws governing shooting down drones that aren’t yours, because it’s a federal crime to do so. Snake River Shooting Products has a little disclaimer which goes as follows:

DISCLAIMER: Federal, State, and Local laws dictate when, where, and in what situations a firearm can be legally discharged.  We are in no way condoning the use of this product for illegal activity!  Be sure to follow ALL firearm laws at all times!