Since writing about this latest startup, a few questions come to light and interesting points made by DroningON in their writeup about GOBE. The lack of company information, and features highlighted in the campaign. More importantly, there are no working prototypes and this crowdfunding project is only in the concept stage. There are no guarantees that the money you pledge to this project will go towards the final project.

We were sent a media kit prior to the start of the project, which is nothing new as many companies send embargoed press releases for coverage. So upon seeing our brand mention of the crowdfunding page with quoted article, this seems a touch suspect.

So at this time, I do not recommend this project, at least until the creator adds some more transparency.

Original Article

GOBE Robotics is jumping into the consumer’s market with a high-tech drone for beginners, that includes a feature set that some professionals might find appealing. Small, lightweight, and compact GOBE promises versatility and affordability in a unique package to suit almost any budget.

Over the past several years, the popularity of drones has increased. In fact, earlier this year Gartner Inc, predicted that 3 million units are expected to ship by the end of 2017.

Production of drones for personal and commercial use is growing rapidly, with global market revenue expected to increase 34 percent to reach more than $6 billion in 2017 and grow to more than $11.2 billion by 2020,

With more regulatory bodies relaxing the rules on personal and commercial uses, manufacturers aren’t wasting any time in getting these products into the hands of eager buyers.

Gobe Robotics, a new start-up founded by Spaniard Manu has researched and created a brand new offer that promises a high-end UAV at an affordable price.

Launching their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on July, 25th the small San Francisco-based robotics team introduces GOBE to the world and enters the marketplace.

A Drone For Beginners

GOBE Drone Rear

There’s no better time than now to get your hands on one of these flying machines whether it is for personal or commercial uses.

Until we have a review unit in-house, we can only go by the detailed specs surrounding GOBE.

And by what we see on paper, things are looking up for what seems to be a promising product.

Flight times are usually among the first specifications customers look for in making a purchase decision relative to price.

The last thing any customer wants is a hyped-up feature list of promises, only to discover a drone’s dismal operating flight times.

Unless you are working on a film set with a large octocopter which can carry large camera’s, 10 minutes of flying time won’t cut it for most people.

This mini quadcopter which comes equipped with high kV motors is said to last up to 28 minutes in the air.

Of course, different factors can take away from that number in many ways from throttle aggressiveness to wind resistance.

If true, close to half hour of flight time is excellent indeed and is worthy of our attention.

With motors spinning at such a high rate, video recording stability becomes a challenge without a 3-axis gimbal. Sometimes you can experience that awful jello-effect which makes video playback a complete disaster to watch.

GOBE comes with carbon fiber propellers and an integrated camera which is capable of recording 4k videos with auto stabilization.

Paired with a set of VR goggles, FPV Drone racing is something a lot of people are enjoying and is what hobbyist have done for a while now. So great on this young start-up implementing this feature.

At this point, it is hard to say how videos will turn out, and I think having the camera as a separate unit attached to a gimbal is probably your best bet for those silky smooth camera pans and shots.

Until this little quad comes to the production stage, I’m giving it the benefit when comparing it to the competition.

If you are a professional or a recreational pilot be it for the first time, having anti-collision sensors is one of those features you don’t realize you need until something bad occurs. The last thing anyone wants is to destroy an investment by crashing into an object through a lack of control or not paying attention.

A smart move on behalf of Gobe Robotics in adding this feature, as more new pilots are entering the exciting world of drones with little to no experience.

I love the sleek profile when packed up for transport, which reminds me of the TURBO ACE Matrix when folded. The red power LED makes GOBE look futuristic and resembles something you might find in the Geth arsenal off Mass Effect.

Detailed Specs

Gobe Drone For Beginners

Here’s a bullet list of specs taken off the company’s website.

  • Smart flight battery
  • 4K camera incorporated with auto-stabilization  (Ultra-smooth videos)
  • Auto-follow mode
  • Different flight modes
  • Headless mode (solving ‘’lost orientation’’ problem)
  • Automatic take off and Landing
  • Return Home
  • 28 Flight Minutes (the champ of its category)
  • GPS
  • Anti-Collision sensor
  • Surrounded flight (Select an object and fly around in a circle taking footage from different angles)
  • VR Goggles connection
  • Face Recognition System

If this project makes it to the final production stage, it will be interesting to see how facial recognition evolves on this platform as it is a listed feature.

Major manufacturers dominate the landscape from DJI to 3DR with innovative products which carry a hefty price tag.

As more companies are entering the market with newer technologies, we as customers expect prices to come down drastically without sacrificing quality.

Not only is GOBE positioned as a drone for beginners, but it is also geared towards prosumer and commercial clients.

This newly created campaign is live on Indiegogo and is one of those projects we want to see succeed.