Proper Water management practices are something most North Americans are becoming more aware of. A leak unchecked can potentially cause significant damages to a home. From high repair bills to flooded basements homeowners are continually seeking better preventive measures to protect their investments. Flo Technologies is taking things a step further by leaps and bounds, by introducing their new water security and monitoring management system.

Flo Technologies is the brainchild of a father and son duo Henry and Gabriel Halimi.

Henry, a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience in sales, manufacturing, and developing plumbing products spent the last ten years developing this product to which an $11 million investment through series A funding was delivered through VC firm Crosslink Capital, Anthemis Group and an affiliate of USAA.

Gabriel is the company CEO and a former law partner who left his successful career to commit to this joint venture.

This water security and management system features advanced water pressure sensors and uses machine learning technologies to check and detect the smallest of leaks.

About 13% of the water that is supplied to a home or commercial building is lost to leaks.

According to the company founders, this technology is the first on the market to sense water pressure, flow rate and temperature fluctuations with the use of AI.

The advanced algorithms not only learn the homeowner’s usage patterns but when it detects any form of vulnerabilities the system can automatically shut off the water supply.

Such an automated approach to water management certainly has its benefits in not only residential applications but also in the commercial sector.

Water damage is often referred to as one of the biggest threats to a structure and costs the insurance industry some $9 billion annually. Homes are twice as likely to be prone to water damage over fire and theft alone.

From mold which left unchecked can cause severe respiratory illnesses to sewage blockages, the effects of water damages can be far-reaching.

  • Clogged toilets
  • Leaking dishwashers
  • Running faucets
  • Cracked Washing Machine Hoses
  • Busted Pipes
  • Cracked Foundation

Flo Technologies App

Once installed and integrated into your main water supply line, Flo goes to work monitoring and sending you timely information to your mobile device.

The system is said to run up to nine different tests in real-time. Through multiple sensing technologies, checks and balances are put in place for:

  • Water pressure delivered from the utility company
  • Temperature monitoring to check for frozen water
  • Flow rate.

Flo connects to your wireless home network, sending you messages if a critical event occurs.

Flo App Health Test

You can stop the flow of water through the downloadable app to prevent a major incident. There is also an integrated self-diagnostic systems check that runs daily to detect any issues with the platform.

Flow Technologies state that in the event the homeowner is unavailable to respond to a significant alert, the system will automatically shut off the water supply.

This is a big deal and a potential lifesaver which could save insurance companies a great deal of money in the short and long-term. Already, there are companies offering discounts on premiums to homeowners that plan to invest in Flo.

Starting today, the early adopter program begins for up to 1,000 customers. During this phase, pricing starts at $399 which includes installation. Flo will be available to the mass public in the first part of 2018 and will retail for about $699.

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