Dominoes tiles, or bones as they call it have more uses that one. They are a popular past-time game in many parts of the world such as Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and more.

You’ve seen dominoes stacked against one another falling in a chronological order astonishing onlookers.

Youtuber Havesh5 decided to upload a compilation of 1,000,000 dominoes falling, and quite frankly it’s a fantastic site to watch.

She states on her channel that she is a professional domino artist who apparently rarely gets credit for her work.

As a result, Havesh5 decided to make a compilation of falling dominoes. It’s unclear the time frame of each video clip, and whether Havesh5 is the creator of all the chain reactions portrayed in the videos.

But one thing is clear, and that it requires a lot of skill and critical thinking to make these tiles stack and fall in sequence.

You have to wonder how long it takes for someone to stack these tiles in such a way, that when they fall, entire characters are revealed.

From cartoon characters, video games and movie characters, there are near limitless possibilities of what people with enough time on their hands can do with dominoes.

Just watch the video below and check out some of the crowd reactions.