Meet Lily Camera the world first “throw and shoot” drone that will follow and take stills and videos of you, no matter what you’re doing.

The drones market has exploded at a rapid clip, with companies producing innovating new technologies for the consumer and professional.

And the Lily Camera is no exception here, with its advanced technological features, it may just be what’s needed for those who don’t want to worry about learning how to pilot these machines.

Users can capture incredible action shots without the need to learn any piloting skills at all.

Simply toss Lily the drone into the air, and watch this little machine track your every move.

Whether you’re surfing, skiing, snowboarding, this drone can capture it all while shooting in 1080p video and in 720p up to 120 frames per second.

Lily Camera Waterproof

Because its waterproof and weighing a slim 1.3 kilograms, you don’t need worry about damaging this drone too much.

The onboard camera which is roughly the size of a GoPro, can capture 12 megapixel stills, and it knows how to do so in a smooth 350-degree panorama.

Lily Camera Controller

Once you throw this little quadcopter in the air, it will track the user through a circular wearable device.

On a single charge, Lily well get about 20 minutes of flight time and can travel at speeds up to 40 kph at a maximum altitude of 15 meters.

Recently DJI and 3DR introduced the world to their latest UAV’s with advanced tracking features.

Billed as consumer friendly drones, these units still need a learning curve to use safely, but offer more features and capabilities.

Lily, takes complicated controls out of the equation by doing all the work for you autonomously.

This little drone with camera will be available and begin shipping out to customers in February 2016, for $499 if you pre-order. Regular price shoots up to $999.

Since the FAA’s ease on the use of drones for commercial purposes, you can be more manufacturers will be pushing to get their products into consumers hands.

This mean more competition, which will in turn help drive down prices for shoppers.