The US Army has utilized smart earplugs to enhance soldiers capabilities while on the battlefield. It often times can be hard for soldiers to make sense of all the loud noises surrounding them while engaging the enemy and understanding orders.

With the use of TCAPS (Tactical Communication and Protective System), these flexible hearing aids work by suppressing loud noises to a quiet level without causing damage to your hearing, while enhancing softer more quiet ones enough so that the wearing can distinguish what’s being heard.

War can be an overload on human systems, making it difficult for soldiers to navigate through tense situations. Machine gun fire, explosions and loud vocal commands can gradually deteriorate someones hearing over time.

Smart Army Earplugs

The US Army has been slowly rolling out these earplugs, and roughly 20,000 units are in use. These earpieces might be among the most expensive costing about $2,000 per unit. But if they can address the issue of hearing loss among many veterans, these earplugs could potentially be a critical part to the military.

Hearing loss is considered the most common documented veteran injury as loud noises can damage a person’s auditory nerve, causing lasting damage.

These smart earplugs are also designed to work with a soldiers existing communications system, further enhancing their use.