Internet of Things company launched its ThermoPeanut wireless thermometer at the beginning of this month and is the first among its smart sensors lineup called SensePeanut.

This smart wireless thermometer starts at just $29 USD and is designed to work with other smart products such as NEST thermostat to improve home automation. It is also IFTTT compatible allowing for further integration across a wider application spectrum.

The company was founded by Rafi Haladjian in 2010 who wants to simplify everyday tasks through smart technology.

Rafi Haladjian in a press release:

Whether you are monitoring room temperatures, making sure your refrigerator is cooling properly or keeping a server room at an optimal level, ThermoPeanut takes the guess work out of temperature tracking and thanks to integrations with partners such as NEST and IFTTT, allows users to take action when issues arise

Having a smart thermometer in something like a server room would be a benefit. Web sites across the Internet including this one are hosted on servers and heavily rely upon uptime to keep things running smoothly. One of the biggest adversaries of computer components is heat, dust and if left unchecked, they can cause all types of problems for business.

ThermoPeanut is a small, lightweight device with sensors that automatically check the surrounding temperature. Users can set threshold limits within a temperature range, and the ThermoPeanut will send automated alerts via Bluetooth if any variations are surpassing the set limit.

With the use of the supplied adhesives that come with the device, it is easy to set this IoT sensor on almost any surface for monitoring.

It can be used on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.3+ and features a free downloadable app through the respective Apps Stores.

Within the app, users will gain insights to recent temperature readings and a graphical showcase that displays temperature trends.

Thermometer-Wireless Thermometer

These are some of the features included in ThermoPeanut showing how users can further benefit from its advanced suite of sensors.

  • Tracking and notification frequency-The frequency of temperature readings and app alerts can be personalized to preference from every three minutes up to one hour
  • Third party interventions- ThermoPeanuts can connect to both NESt and IFTTT, allowing users to go a step further in creating a connected home, by setting rules, so the temperature automatically adjusts based on ThermoPeanut’s readings and the set criteria.
  • Calibration- Users can change the measurements of the sensor to make them the most accurate for a tracked environment.
  • Setting options- Through the app, sound alerts can be turned off and on, settings can be reset, and collected temperature data can be downloaded and shared.

And more..

It’s simple to set up without any complicated instructions. In fact, the average user could have ThermoPeanut up and be running in under 5 minutes.

The included battery under normal usage will last up to 3 months. It’s a replaceable CR2032 battery, and the company adds an extra within the package.

You can head over to for more information on how to purchase this smart wireless thermometer.